DK’s Tech Prediction for 2014

OK, let’s start the first post of 2014 with my Tech Predictions for 2014. If you have been reading my past few prediction posting, you will know that I’m pretty inaccurate with all these stuff. It’s just for the fun of it.
Here we go….
Lots of devices using curved glass
I think we will start seeing a lot of devices using curved glass. Smartphones, Tablets, TV, smartwatches etc etc. I’m not so fascinated by it actually. End of the day, they are just gimmick and there is no real advantage over flat glass.
Apple to release Apple TV
OK, I know I made this prediction for 2013 but it didn’t came true. But I still think that Apple is working on the Apple TV that was mentioned in Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs book. Maybe there are some delays with getting the deals with movie studios. If we don’t see the Apple TV in 2014 then I guess we will never see it.
Apple release iPhones with bigger screen size
This is something I wish will not happen. But I got this feeling that Tim Cook will give in to public pressure and release a iPhone that is bigger than the current 4 inch iPhone 5/5s. Personally, I love the old 3.5 inch iPhone.
Google and Apple to release their own Smart Watch
I know that I predicted Apple will release their own Smart Watch last year. Maybe I’m 1 year ahead. So for 2014, I predict that Apple AND Google will both release their own Smart Watch. Both companies will be able to integrate the Smart Watch better with their Mobile OS. Google might even release OS so that other Android partners can release their own version.
A major mobile OS virus or malware
I predict in 2014 we will see a mobile OS virus or malware affecting thousands of smartphones. As more and more people use smartphone, hackers are constantly finding ways to exploit vulnerability on these mobile devices. Most smartphone users aren’t using any security software. And to make things worse, some of them are running outdated version of their mobile OS. Yes Android, I’m referring at you.
BlackBerry will release an Android phone
2013 has been a horrible year for BlackBerry. The new BlackBerry 10 doesn’t seem to be able to pull the company back on track. There were some rumors that BlackBerry will release smartphones running Android. I think we will see that in 2014.
Pinterest get acquired
Although I don’t use Pinterest, I must say that they do produce interesting figures like click through rate. I predict that someone will acquire Pinterest in 2014. Maybe Yahoo or Google.
YouTube to further integrate with Google Plus
I know a lot of YouTubers were unhappy in 2013 when Google integrate YouTube comments with Google Plus. I think that’s not all. I guess Google will further integrate YouTube into Google Plus to an extend that YouTube is Google Plus. This will no doubt piss off a lot of YouTubers and cause some to leave the platform. But it will be the best way for Google to push Google Plus.
3D printer goes mainstream
We’ve seen many interesting application of 3D printers. I think that 3D printer is the future and I think 2014 is the year we start seeing them going mainstream. And by mainstream, I mean it is no longer just a hobbyist gadget and a well known and established company start mass producing their own 3D printer. Someone like Canon, HP or Epson. I hope this will drive the price down further. And I’m not looking forward to the copyright issues that will come along with 3D printers going mainstream.
Bitcoin value crossed $2000 mark
2013 is an amazing year for Bitcoin. It is also the year that Bitcoin crossed the US$1000 mark. I guess for 2014, we will see Bitcoin cross the US$2000 mark. But personally, I wouldn’t invest on Bitcoin. The exchange rate keep fluctuating.
Singapore will pass laws that regulate the use of Social Media
This is a wild guess. We all know that the Broadcasting Act will be amended in 2014. I predict that it will include Social Media like Facebook and Twitter. Blogs will not be spared too. And yes, expect protest from the Singapore online community.
Disclaimer: These predictions are my own views and not representative of those of my employer.

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