Marina Bay Countdown 2014

I was at Marina Bay on New Year Eve to catch the fireworks. This is the second year that I’m shooting the fireworks at Marina Bay on New Year Eve. This year I was there with Geng Hui.
Initially we wanted to shoot the fireworks from below the Art Science Museum. I thought I can try shooting the fireworks with my new wide angle lens. We arrived at 9pm thinking that we can still get a good spot. We were so wrong. That place was already crowded when we reached there. Not much space for us to setup our tripod. Strangely, there aren’t a lot of photographers. Mostly family and friends camping out for the 12 midnight countdown and fireworks.
So we were left with no choice but to move further down. Everywhere is packed with people. We were lucky to bump into Renhao and decided to squeeze together with him. And I really mean squeeze. Check out how we pack 3 tripod in a small area.
Photo 31-12-13 10 11 01 pm
My photos didn’t turn out well. Firstly, I estimated the position of the fireworks wrongly. Didn’t get all the fireworks in the photo. Wasted. The first few shots were beautiful.
So I quickly readjust my camera and managed to get a few good shot.
But when there’s fireworks, there’s always smoke. And to make things worse, the wind was blowing towards our direction. A fireworks photographer’s biggest nightmare. In the end, we spend most of our time watching smoke instead of fireworks.
Disappointing. Oh well, hope I have better luck next time.

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