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3M Post-it Big Pads

3M recently released the Post-it Big Pads, a humongous Post-it pad designed to facilitate engagements and provide an innovative new way to share big ideas, thoughts and emotions.

You might ask, how humongous is the Post-it Big Pads? Well… this huge.

Photo 17-1-14 6 16 09 pm

Actually, this is the smallest. The Post-it Big Pads are available in 3 sizes and colors. The smallest size is Electric Yellow at 11” x 11”. The medium size is Fuchsia Pink at 15” x 15” while the biggest is Electric Blue at 22” x 22”. Yes, I kid you not. A Post-it Pad at 22 inch. That’s almost 56cm.


Each Post-it Big Pad includes 30 sheets with adhesive backing that sticks to smooth, vertical surfaces. It also comes with a hard backing for seamless transportability.

Personally, I think the Post-it Big Pads are great for brainstorming session. After writing your big ideas, paste it on the wall for everyone to see and further expand on the idea.




The Electric Yellow (11” x 11”), Fuchsia Pink (15” x 15”) and Electric Blue (22” x 22”) retails at S$12.90, S$22.90 and S$34.90 respectively.

Chrome lets you track which tab is playing audio

One of the most annoying thing when surfing the net is when one of the tab you open is playing audio but you don’t know which one is it. Well, Chrome is here to help solve this problem. The latest Chrome version 32 will now shows a small speaker icon on the tab if the tab is playing audio.


Fantastic! Now I can find the noisy tab and shut it immediately.

Besides tab playing audio, Chrome will also display icon for tabs that are using your camera or casting to your TV. Now here’s another reason why you should use Chrome as your web browser.

HP Windows 7 PC back by popular demand

You know Windows 8 is in trouble when you see a major PC maker like HP doing this in their US Online store.


Instead of promoting the latest Operating System by Microsoft, HP is bringing back Windows 7 due to popular demand. If I remember correctly, the last time we saw this was during Windows Vista.

I guess Microsoft need to hurry with Windows 9.

Sandcrawler building in Singapore

George Lucas was in town last week for the official opening of Lucasfilm headquarters in Singapore. It’s not just a normal building. The building was designed to look like the Sandcrawler in Star Wars IV.



The 22,500 square-meter building located at One Fusionopolis View features a Yoda fountain, a 100-seat theater, retail space and state-of-the-art digital production capabilities. Tenants of the Sandcrawler building include Disney’s Southeast Asia operations and ESPN Asia Pacific.

I visited the building last Saturday. I must say that it is difficult to take photo of the building. There’s a lot of constructions around the building. Not much space for photographers to take photo of the Sandcrawler.

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Glenn Ong and Jean Danker in Shell FuelSave Celebrity Driving Challenge

Celebrity DJs Glenn Ong and Jean Danker were pitted against each other in a head-to-head competition last Saturday (18 January 2014) to obtain the highest fuel efficiency score. They were participating in Singapore’s first-ever Shell FuelSave Celebrity Driving Challenge.

Photo 6

This Driving Challenge is part of an educational journey on fuel-saving, which demonstrates how motorists can reduce costs by using the right fuel and making simple changes to driving habits. In journeying with Shell, Glenn and Jean learned to apply fuel efficiency to present day driving environments and future mobility scenarios. Guiding Glenn and Jean as they manoeuvred the roads of Singapore and undertook pit-stop challenges were Ferdinand Lai and Annette Phay, one of the winning couples of the Shell FuelSave Challenge held in August 2013.

Photo 2

Photo 3

Jean Danker emerged as the winner with a fuel efficiency score of 17.2 km/l and will be representing Singapore for the celebrity drive at Shell Eco-marathon Asia in Manila on 7 February 2014. She will join three other famous faces from Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines. The celebrities will then compete in a challenge that will see them put Shell FuelSave fuels and their new-found fuel efficiency skills to the test to see who can go the furthest in an ultra-energy efficient vehicle designed by students.