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The longest-ever dry spell in Singapore

Singapore is currently in the midst of its longest-ever dry spell, where rain has not fallen for 27 days between Jan 13 and Feb 8. According to NEA, the dry weather will probably persist into the first half of next month.

But luckily for Singapore, we still have a healthy level of water in the reservoirs. This is because PUB has increased the amount of NEWater it injects into the reservoirs and the desalination plants are working at near full capacity. These two sources were aable to provide 55 per cent of the water demands. Imported water from Malaysia make up the remaining water demand.

As a results, there is no need for Singapore to implement water rationing. The last time Singapore had water rationing was back in the 1960s.

According to PUB, water consumption has increased slightly last week. The agency will send advisories on water conservation methods. Companies are being encouraged to switch off their water features while Town Council may reduce the frequency of their cleaning using water.

I think we should give credits where credit is due. PUD did a great job by making sure Singapore have enough water supply during this long dry spell. All thanks to the forward planning with NEWater and desalination plants. Good job guys!

LEGO to start allowing Doctor Who project on Cuusoo

Good news to all Doctor Who and LEGO fans. It seems like we are one step closer to getting a Doctor Who LEGO set.

In the past, LEGO has been rejecting all Doctor Who project on Cuusoo. This is because the Doctor Who construction toy license is being held by another company, The Character Group. That why LEGO reject all the Doctor Who project on Cuusoo because they can’t get the license.

However, things has changed. LEGO announced that they will start accepting Doctor Who project from now. This means that either the license by Character Group has ended or LEGO is confident of securing the license.

Now all we need is an awesome Doctor Who LEGO project on the Cuusoo site to be selected. I guess that’s going to be easy. Don’t Blink. We might get a Doctor Who LEGO set soon.


HTC One won Global Mobile Award for Best Smartphone at the Mobile World Congress 2014

HTC One was presented with the Global Mobile Award for Best Smartphone at the recent Mobile World Congress 2014. Voted for by a panel of more than 175 independent industry experts, drawn from the media and analyst communities, the award recognises the smartphone the judges believe to be the absolute best across the industry.

The HTC One previously won the Global Mobile Award for ‘Best New Mobile Handset, Device or Tablet’ at MWC 2013.


Even though the HTC One was launched 1 year ago, it is still a very good phone. Can’t wait to see HTC’s next flagship phone that is rumored to be release in late March.

Another round of Redmi on sale today

Good news for those who missed the first round of Redmi last week. Xiaomi is having another round of sale today (27 Feb) at 12 noon. Don’t miss it!


Happy 6th Birthday DKSG

Almost forgot that today is the 6th year that I’ve been blogging on this domain. Happy Birthday DKSG!


Cheers to more good years!