LEGO to start allowing Doctor Who project on Cuusoo

Good news to all Doctor Who and LEGO fans. It seems like we are one step closer to getting a Doctor Who LEGO set.

In the past, LEGO has been rejecting all Doctor Who project on Cuusoo. This is because the Doctor Who construction toy license is being held by another company, The Character Group. That why LEGO reject all the Doctor Who project on Cuusoo because they can’t get the license.

However, things has changed. LEGO announced that they will start accepting Doctor Who project from now. This means that either the license by Character Group has ended or LEGO is confident of securing the license.

Now all we need is an awesome Doctor Who LEGO project on the Cuusoo site to be selected. I guess that’s going to be easy. Don’t Blink. We might get a Doctor Who LEGO set soon.


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  1. AJ Everton says:

    My husband is going to love this! I can hear all the nerds rejoicing now. Thanks for the update!

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