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Microsoft Singapore ‘Week of Code’ Open House

As part of their global YouthSpark initiative, Microsoft Singapore will be having an open house for 400 people who registered for the exclusive tour of their facilities, and to check out the latest Microsoft devices and technology in person. Participants can also have a go at coding their very own programmes via

Activities on that day includes Microsoft Technology Center Tours, trying out the latest devices from Microsoft and Nokia, visit the Microsoft YouthSpark booth for programs and resources available to young people and many more.

Bring along a Windows device and get a limited edition #WeSpeakCode t-shirt. Or complete more than 4 activities – including doing an Hour of Code and visit the Nokia showcase to get an exclusive #WeSpeakCode colourful sweatband.

For more details and registration, visit Microsoft Singapore website.

Microsoft Singapore ‘Week of Code’ Open House
Date: 17 May 2014 (Saturday)
Time: Session A: 10am – 12pm, I Session B: 1pm – 3pm
Venue: Microsoft Singapore Office – Level 21, One Marina Boulevard, Singapore 018989

Norton Report: Family Edition

Do you know that 92% of parents in Asia Pacific did not feel that their child was being bullied online? But in actual fact, more than 1 in 5 were cyberbullied. And 76% of children who were victims of cybercrime also admitted that they were hiding their online activities from their parents.

Children nowadays go online frequently for schoolwork and playtime. The increased accessibility of the internet and higher ownership of mobile device means that there are more opportunities and avenues for children to be a victim of cyber bullying.

Is enough being done to safeguard our children? Should parents and school play a bigger role?

Norton infographic 24 Apr

Marvel Super Heroes stickers on WeChat

Need some Super Heroes to help you communicate with your friends? Well, check out the Marvel Super Heroes animated stickers on WeChat.

WeChat Marvel Sticker - Set 1

If you are feeling fantastic about life, simply send the amazing Spiderman swinging across your mobile chat to shoot love webs to your sweetheart. Or celebrate spectacular wins with Thor’s mighty fist pump and dazzling smile. Having a monstrous day at school or at work? Smash all your angst away with the incredible Hulk and strike bad ideas to death with Captain America’s classic Shield Slash.

Use Iron Man to beam his approval and give a thumbs-up to a friend for a job well done. Or get Black Widow to send some powerful punches or a seductive wink.

WeChat Marvel Sticker - Set 2

The Marvel Super Heroes animated stickers is now available for free download on WeChat Sticker Shop until 29 April 2014. So hurry!

Muppets Most Wanted

The Muppets are back on the big screen. The Muppets Most Wanted takes place immediately after the grand finale from the first Muppets movie where the Muppets discovered that the camera is still rolling. That could only mean 1 thing, a sequel.

The Muppets Most Wanted takes the entire Muppets gang on a global tour. But unknown to them, Kermit was kidnapped and replaced by the World’s Number One Criminal, Constantine who so happen to look identical to Kermit. As the Muppets perform at some of Europe’s most exciting destinations, Constantine use this opportunity to rob the museum next to the theaters.


The film stars Ricky Gervais as Dominic Badguy (pronounced as “Badgee”), Constantine’s sidekick, Tina Fey as Nadya, a feisty prison guard, and Ty Burrell as Interpol agent Jean Pierre Napoleon. And of cos you have the entire Muppets gang.


The storyline surprise nobody. We’ve seen it play out many times and you don’t get any prize for guessing how the movie end. But it’s the Muppets show. You watch it for the adorable Muppets, slap stick humor, musical numbers and cameo appearances. And that’s what all Muppets fans wants.


Disney’s Muppets: Most Wanted opens in cinemas on 24 April 2014.

Moto X coming to Singapore in May

I thought we are not going to see the Motorola Moto X outside US. Well, I was wrong. It seems like Moto X is coming to Singapore after all.


Perhaps the most interesting feature about the Moto X is the Touchless Control. You can get directions, set an alarm or do just about anything simply by saying “OK Google Now” at the Moto X without the need to touch anything. Your Moto X is constantly monitoring for your voice and will respond to your voice only.

Unfortunately it seems like we won’t be having Moto Maker in Singapore. Moto Maker allow customers to design and customise their new Moto X on a website before buying. There are up to 2000 combinations for customers to select. In Singapore, we will only be getting either black or white colour Moto X. Well, better than nothing.

The Moto X will be available in Singapore at S$568 without contract. We don’t have the exact launch date yet but it will be somewhere in May. I guess we will have more details later.