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Navy@Vivo RSS Persistence

I had the opportunity to visit the RSS Persistence last Wednesday when the Landing Ships Tank (LST) was docked at VivoCity Promenade for Navy@Vivo. This is the 3rd time that Singapore Navy is having a open house at VivoCity. It’s a great opportunity for Singaporeans to visit the ship and learn more about our Navy.


This is my first time visiting a Endurance class ship. I must say that the RSS Persistence feel more spacious than other Singapore Navy ships that I’ve visited in the past. That’s no surprise since Endurance class is the largest class of ships in the Navy. So spacious that they can park a Super Puma, Light Strike Vehicle Mark II and a Protector unmanned surface vehicle on the Landing Helicopter Dock and still have space to host guests.



The beautiful view from the bridge.

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