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ACM After Dark

I know it is Halloween but let’s talk Asian supernatural. Be thrilled by crafts and performances inspired by objects touched by the past at ACM After Dark happening this coming Saturday.

Colour and sound take centre stage with a Getai concert outdoors under the stars. And skulls and spirits come alive through special talks and haunting tales in the galleries. Did I say that admission is free?

Oh, and come in your spookiest costume to stand a chance to win Make Up Forever goodies worth $120. Visit ACM website for more info.

ACM After Dark
Date: 25 Oct 2014
Time: 7pm till late
Venue: Asian Civilisations Museum


Workaround to use Apple Pay in Singapore

Apple haven’t officially launch Apple Pay in Singapore yet. But my friend Vishnu managed to find a workaround to use Apple Pay in Singapore (and most likely rest of the world too).

Firstly, you must have a US Credit Card or Debit Card. Apple Pay won’t accept local Credit Cards for now since it is not officially launched in Singapore. To enable Apple Pay, go to Settings > General > Region and change your region to United States. You should be able to see the Apple Pay option inside your Passbook after you restart your phone. Enter your US Credit Card or Debit Card details and you are ready to use Apple Pay.

Apple Pay works with any Contactless Payment Terminal like Visa payWave.

WARNING: This is a workaround. Try at your own risk. Apple Pay is not officially launched in Singapore at this moment. Apple might block this workaround anytime. And not all cashier knows about Apple Pay so some of them might not allow you to point your iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus at their Contactless Payment Terminal. Try at your own risk. If it works, then good for you. If it doesn’t, just be patient. Apple will launch Apple Pay outside US eventually.


But it is interesting to note that the existing Contactless Payment Terminal we have in Singapore works with Apple Pay. This means that Apple can launch Apple Pay in Singapore (and rest of the world) easily after getting approval from the local authorities. And after seeing how easy and convenient Apple Pay is, I personally can’t wait for Apple to launch Apple Pay here.

GameStart 2014

Good news to all gaming fans. Singapore will be having our own gaming convention. And no, we are not talking about those half hearted exhibition with a few local gaming distributors.


The organisers for the inaugural GameStart 2014 means business here. We are talking about companies like Sony, Bandai, Blizzard and 2K as exhibitors and guests like Masaaki Yamagiwa (Producer for Bloodborne) and Junichi Yoshizawa (Producer for Freedom Wars) coming to Singapore for the gaming convention.

Sony Computer Entertainment HK (SCEHK) will be showcasing close to 30 exciting titles for the PS4, PS3 and PS Vita. These include hands-on previews for Bloodborne, The Order 1886, Until Dawn and Guilty Gear Xrd which are all slated for release in 2015. Most of the games on show will be unreleased and recently-released titles.

2K Asia will also be bringing a preview of their highly-anticipated 4v1 game Evolve to GameStart 2014. Made by the creators of Left 4 Dead, Evolve is a cooperative/competitive shooter where four Hunters face off against a single, player-controlled Monster in adrenaline-pumping 4v1 matches.

And you can’t have gaming convention without Cosplay. Renowned international cosplayers Yuegene Fay (Thailand) and Yasemin Arslan (Australia) will be at GameStart to meet fans and act as judges for the Game On! GameStart Cosplay Competition that will be held on 26 October.

Yasemin Arslan_Katarina_LOL

GameStart will be held on 25 and 26 October at Suntec City Convention Centre. The first 300 visitors each day will receive a ‘Random Loot Bag’ which could contain anything from limited edition T-shirts to games, posters and other exclusive items. All ticket holders qualify for a daily lucky draw in which they could win prizes such as consoles, games and gaming accessories such as Razer and the Creative SB Inferno gaming headset by Creative Sound Blaster.

Date: 25 & 26 October 2014
Time: 12pm – 9pm (Sat), 11am – 9pm (Sun)
Venue: Suntec City Convention Centre Hall 403
Tickets: $8.50 for 1 day pass and $15 for 2 day pass

For more information, visit GameStart website.

Android Lollipop

Google have been naming the Android version based on a dessert item starting from C for Cupcake. So whenever there is a new Android version, everyone will be guessing what’s the name for the new version.

And its been announced recently that Android 5.0 will be called Lollipop. Not much surprised here unlike KitKat. Check out the hilarious “Casting Call” video.

Sorry, no Lreo. But hey, Oreo can try apply 3 versions later.

Facebook is actively checking for stolen passwords

We all know that it is wrong to reuse your passwords for different websites and services. But a lot of people are still doing that. Recently, a ton of Dropbox user id and password were posted online. Initially we all thought that Dropbox was hacked. It wasn’t. After investigation, it was revealed that attackers used stolen credentials from unrelated services to try to log in to sites across the internet like Dropbox.

This is not uncommon. That’s why I’m glad when Facebook announced that they are constantly keeping an close eye on data breach announcements from other websites. Once a set of stolen credentials were discovered, Facebook will check if the email addresses and hashed passwords match valid login information on Facebook. If there is a match, they will force a password change to protect your account.

Good job Facebook. Hope all major websites does the same to protect their users.

I always said that the password system is broken. We need a new way to authenticate ourselves on the internet. Until someone comes along with a better solution, we’ll have to be more careful and practice good password habits like not reusing our password.