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Android malware circulating via SMS

There is a Android malware circulating via SMS as we speak now. The SMS goes something like this “XXX Is this your photo?” where XXX is the receiver’s name. DO NOT CLICK on the URL.

If you receive this SMS from your friend, that means your friend’s phone has been infected by the malware.


If you click on the URL, it will download and install an Android App call PhotoViewer.apk. This malware will go through your address book and send the SMS to all your contacts. To remove the malware, use F-Secure Mobile Security (30-day free trial) from the Google Play store. It will detect and prompt you to remove the Photo Viewer malware.

If I’m not mistaken, iPhone users are safe from this malware. For Android users, if you set your security settings to only allow apps from trusted sources, you are safe too.

Do not click on any URL if you are not sure where it leads to. If your friend suddenly send you a URL out of the blue, ask him/her what’s the URL first before clicking. Always check before clicking. You never know when your friend might be infected with a malware.

Cadbury Glow

Mondelez Singapore just launched the Cadbury Glow, a chocolate praline wrapped in Cadbury Milk Chocolate.


Cadbury Glow is filled with little details that are symbolic of the care that went into creating it. Each of this luxurious chocolate praline is crafted in Europe and has an indulgent chocolatey filling that would leave a precious feeling.



The unique design and packaging of Cadbury Glow makes it a perfect gift for this holiday seasons. The individually wrapped chocolate pralines are placed in a beautiful gold and purple treasure chest that glows from the inside out, creating a glow moment for the special someone in your life.


The Cadbury Glow is now available at major supermarkets and convenience stores such as Cold Storge, NTUC FairPrice, Giant, Sheng Siong, Watson etc. Retail at S$9.90 for 16 pieces and S$14.90 for 24 pieces.

Yahoo Fast Flicks Winner: Forbidden Love

“Forbidden Love”, a film by Trailer Producer Terence Lee, emerged as the winner for Yahoo Fast Flicks. Told through the burning time of one cigarette, the vidoe show a story about a love that was forbidden and how the pain never subsided.

Terence walked away with a grand prize of S$15,000, a Nikon DSLR D810 camera and a AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G lens worth over S$5,000 from Nikon.

Yahoo Fast Flicks, which was open for entries from 7 to 28 October 2014, asked participants to submit a high-definition, two-minute original video in a genre of their choice ‒ opening up the competition to anyone with an idea and imagination. Closing at 127 entries, this was an intensely fought competition, which pitted amateur filmmakers against professionals, levelling the platform with the theme YOLO (You Only Live Once, in non-millennial speak).

Rain”, by Tiffany Zhang was the First Runner-Up. This animation film was about embracing the littlest things in life. The Second Runner-Up position went to Vicki Yang and Chris Yeo for “Your Order is Nearly Complete”, a film about making some unexpected choices.

LEGO Avengers Helicarrier coming soon?

LEGO recently released a video for the LEGO Creator Detective’s Office & Barber Shop (10246) on YouTube. It is a beautiful set. But beside that, some sharp eyes fans notice something else. At the 8 seconds mark of the video, there is an image that seems to looks like the Avenger Helicarrier.


Can’t see it? It’s in the letter ‘G’.


Does that look like the front of the Avengers Helicarrier?


The Avengers Helicarrier was submitted to LEGO Ideas and received the required 10,000 supporters. Right now it is under the review stage. Could it be possible that the Helicarrier has been approved and we will be seeing a video of it soon? Well, your guess is as good as mine. LEGO Marvel Superheroes fans, keep your fingers crossed.

Not the most secured password

I was surfing YouTube recently when I stumble upon this video. It’s a video clip from Star Trek that says the most secure security password ever.

To be honest, a password like 173467321476C32789777643T732V73117888732476789764376 is rather secure. It is 52 characters long and will take a long time for computer to brute force that. But is it the most secured password? Hardly. Try remembering the password. It’s difficult. Most people will just end up writing this on a piece of paper. And we all know how this will end.

The way that we have been using password is wrong. A good password needs to be long and easy for the owner to remember. There is no need for uppercase and lowercase. No need for special characters. Just a long phrase that is easy for the owner to remember and difficult to brute force. Check out this XKCD comic and you’ll understand what I mean.


Of cos you are not supposed to change your password to be the same as the comic. All you need to do is to think of 4 to 6 random words and is long and easy for you to remember. Now that will be the most secured password.