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Beware of Singpass phishing email

IDA just issued a warning on its Facebook page regarding a phishing email that is going around.

Some Singpass users have received a phishing email titled “SingPass account security info verification” from “SingPass Government []”. The email said that their SingPass PINs have been suspended and ask the recipient to click on a link to confirm their email address.

That email is not from SingPass. It is a phishing email. Do not click on the link if you received such email. The link most likely points you to a phishing website. Simply delete it and contact SingPass at

Check out SingPass website for more security tips.

Arnold is Back

Arnold Schwarzenegger is back in Terminator: Genisys.

Terminator: Genisys opens in cinemas on 25 June.

Canon PowerShot G7 X (SG50 Limited Edition)

In conjunction with Singapore’s golden jubilee, Canon is introducing a special edition of the PowerShot G7 X (SG50 Limited Edition) exclusively for the Singapore market. The PowerShot G7 X has been a top selling model in the PowerShot premium G series range, earning accolades for its outstanding image quality thanks to the technology prowess powering the compact camera.

PowerShot G7 X_SG50

The sophisticated design of the SG50 limited edition PowerShot G7 X is accentuated by a classy yet striking hue of red on the ring control. The ring control, built into the lens barrel, enables easy adjustments to basic functions like shutter speed and aperture whilst the stacked mode dial tweaks exposure compensation. The dynamic hue of red is symbolic of passion and also the signature of both Singapore and Canon. The SG50 emblem adorns the camera body and is embossed on the camera pouch, making it a timeless edition for keepsake.


The limited edition run of these 500 units is designed and manufactured in Japan. It comes with the special 15th anniversary edition Canon G Series packaging and also includes a certificate of authenticity.

The PowerShot G7 X (SG50 limited edition) comes with a camera case and retail at S$829.

Apple Watch will be available at nübox from 26 June

Local Apple Premium Reseller, nübox will begin the sale of the Apple Watch at their Raffles City and Tampines Mall store on 26 June, 9 am. Price will be ranging from S$518 to S$1528.

The following models will be available at nübox:


nübox will be releasing a queue guide on their Facebook and website for those interested in queuing overnight. Do check out the guide before heading down to queue. Good luck!

Google Calendar ending SMS notifications on 27 June

Google recently announced that it will be ending SMS notifications for Google Calendar from 27 June 2015.

If you have SMS notification turned on, you’ll see pop-up notifications for your event on your mobile phone’s calendar app or on your computer browser that has Google Calendar opened.

I guess this signifies the end of an era. SMS notifications was great back in those days when not everyone has a smartphone. With Smartphone everywhere that can notify users of upcoming events, there is really no need for SMS notifications.

Although personally I think I’ll miss the SMS notifications. Call me old skool but I still feel that a SMS notification attracts more attention than an app notification. But that’s just me.