PAP wins in a landslide

We’ve been hearing about freak election results by the PAP. I guess it is fair to say that this is really a freak election result although it is in PAP’s favour. PAP won the 2015 General Elections in a landslide of 69.86% votes.


To be fair, the sentiments on the ground seems different compared to 2011. People were less angry with PAP this time. Perhaps the SG50 celebration and passing of Mr Lee Kuan Yew played a part. I was expecting the PAP to have a slight increase in their support. I was guessing somewhere along 62% – 65%. Never did I expect 69.86%.

And even more surprising is that the Workers’ Party lose Punggol East SMC and East Coast GRC. WP won Punggol East SMC in a By Election in 2012. Lee Li Lian has been doing a good job. Really didn’t expect to see them lose the SMC. And East Coast GRC was the worst performing GRC in 2011. This year, the WP field a very promising team. Not only did they not win the GRC, they only got 39.27% of the votes.

It was a disappointing results. But we have to respect the voters’ decision. Now the pressure is on PAP to keep their election promise.

We may support different political parties and have different views on how Singapore should be governed. But we must remember that the things that unite us are far greater than the things that divide us. We are still Singaporeans and we call this island our home. End of the day, we all want to make Singapore a better place for our children.

Let’s put aside our political difference and go back to making Singapore a better place.

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