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The problem with 3-hr PSI Readings

Last night was a clear example of how useless the 3-hr PSI Readings is. At 9pm, the 3-hr PSI is at 96 which is in the moderate level. However, anyone who has a window can tell that the PSI Reading is much higher than 96. Here are some tweets from 9pm.




What’s the point of releasing the 3-hr PSI Reading when nobody trust it? Everyone knows that the actual PSI Reading at 9pm can’t be 96. I was on my way home and there was a strong burning smell in the air. The whole place looked hazy just like a scene from Silent Hill.

Photo 19-10-15, 9 25 32 PM

Well, few hours later, NEA released an advisory saying that there was a sharp deterioration in haze conditions from about 9pm. No Shit Sherlock.

Perhaps NEA should consider reverting back to the old hourly PSI Reading. No point reporting something that people will constantly doubt its accuracy. Oh and by the way, the one-hour PM2.5 Reading in the west reached 442 at 10pm and 471 at 11pm. That is in the Hazardous level.


No matter what the PSI Reading says, we should make our own judgement to decide if we need to reduce outdoor activities or put on a N95 mask. But if NEA is going to dedicate resource in reporting the PSI Reading, it should be something useful. Not a PSI Reading of 96 when it is very hazy.

Star Wars-themed plane heading to Changi Airport

The one and only Star Wars themed R2-D2 All Nippon Airways plane is coming to Singapore Changi Airport from 12 to 14 November 2015. ANA and Changi Airport is giving 30 Singapore Star Wars fans a chance to experience the specially decorated Star Wars cabin. Singapore will be the first Asian stop outside Japan to welcome the R2-D2 plane.


Fans will enjoy the full reclining Business class seat and the in-flight Business class meal. Inflight entertainment will be one of the Star Wars movie from episode 4 to 6.

To win tickets to board the plane, simply visit ANA website or Changi Airport Facebook page. Contest ends on 25 October. So hurry!

May the Force be with you.

GoPro is awarding up to $5 million annually to content creators

GoPro is awarding GoPro content creators up to $5 million annually. The company will be granting weekly award for best photos, raw clips and video edits with cash prize of $500, $1000 and $5000 respectively.


Just submit any photo, raw clip or video edit captured with GoPro to GoPro will judge each submission to determine which one deserve a GoPro Award.

And you don’t need to be good at extreme sports to stand a chance. The categories include Action, Adventure, Animals, Family, Sports, Motorsports, Music, Science + How-To, and Travel. So good luck and start submitting your entries.

Guinness bluetooth speakers and portable chargers

From now till 15 November, Guinness is giving away limited edition Guinness merchandise including Beer Gǎo bluetooth speakers and portable chargers to fans and lovers of its dark brew.

Simply collect quart-bottle crown caps bearing the GǍO logo which can be found on promotional stocks of Guinness Foreign Extra Stout 640ml quart bottles available during the promotional period at all participating coffeeshops and hawker centres. Terms and conditions apply.



Pocket MapleStory coming to Singapore

Good news to all MapleStory fans n Southeast Asia. The mobile version of the popular MMORPG, Pocket MapleStory will be coming to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Philippines soon.

Pocket MapleStory Sea 1

Pocket MapleStory SEA will be published through Asiasoft and serviced by its gaming portal, Playpark. The game achieved the number one spot on the Top Free Games charts in Google Play and iTunes App Store within the first week of launch in Korea.

Pocket MapleStory Sea 3

The game features faster game advancement and real-time co-op modes optimized for mobile devices. At launch, Pocket MapleStory SEA will feature three of the most popular classes from the franchise, the Demon Slayer, Dual Blade and Angelic Buster, with more characters lined up for release in later phases of the game development. Players will also encounter beloved NPCs, monsters, and pets from the original adventure.

Angelic Buster

Pre-registration for Pocket MapleStory SEA will be open in December this year. Follow Pocket MapleStory SEA Facebook page for the latest update.