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Starbucks will plant a coffee tree for every bag of coffee purchased

Starbucks announced that it will ensure that one coffee tree is planted for every bag of coffee purchased in store island wide from now till end of 2016. The company has already distributed one million coffee trees to farmers.


This meaningful contribution will go a long way to help coffee farmers impacted by coffee rust, a plant fungus that damages millions of coffee trees around the world. Starbucks Singapore is the first market in the China-Asia Pacific region to be part of this global initiative.

Beginning in Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador, Starbucks will work with ECOM, Starbucks partner in the export and delivery of green coffee, to successfully germinate the seedlings and distribute the trees.

The distribution of each coffee tree will be supported by Starbucks Coffee and Farmer Equity (C.A.F.E.) Practices, developed over a decade ago with Conservation International to safeguard responsible purchasing practices and economic, social and environmental standards, globally. These sourcing standards are then augmented by Starbucks Farmer Support Centers that provide on-the-ground agronomy services.

Today, Starbucks has six farmer support locations around the world and will add two more – one in Sumatra, Indonesia in 2015 and another in Mexico opening in 2016.

Toys “R” Us Singapore limited edition LEGO Bricktober Set

It’s October! I mean Bricktober!! Toys “R” Us Singapore is celebrating Bricktober with 4 limited edition LEGO Bricktober Set.

Photo 2-10-15, 7 32 31 PM

All you need is to spend $100 or more on any LEGO products in a single receipt. One design is avaliable each week. Four models to collect.

Cheers to 35

Oh wow. Another year passed. Another year older. Here’s to 35!

Photo 3-10-15, 1 07 12 AM

I always say that I’m blessed with good bosses in my career. I also said that I’m lucky to have good health despite not taking good care of my body. Well, I guess luck will eventually run out if you live for 35 years. I fell sick for almost the entire June recently. Don’t remember ever being sick for so long. And as for work wise, let’s just say I’m trying to transfer department ever since we got a new boss.

Well, I also always say that one day I might get knock down by a car suddenly and stay in hospital. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen. Maybe I should stop cursing myself. But I did say that one day I might win the Toto $5 million grand prize alone. So let’s hope that happen really soon. Lol.

Anyway, things will happen if it wants to happen. Not everything is in our control. So give me coffee to change things that I can and wine (or beer) to accept the things that I can’t.

Thank you Indonesia and VP Jusuf Kalla for 11 months of nice air

The 3-hour PSI now is 137. The PSI is hovering around the unhealthy range for the past few weeks and it doesn’t seems to be going away soon. While you are feeling angry and frustrated over the haze caused by the fire in Indonesia, let me remind you about something that Indonesia Vice President said in 2013.

“For 11 months, they enjoyed nice air from Indonesia and they never thanked us. They have suffered because of the haze for one month and they get upset,” – Indonesia Vice President Mr Jusuf Kalla.

Yes, we Singaporeans are ungrateful. We should thank Indonesia for the 11 months of fresh clean air. Instead, all we do is complain whenever there is a haze.

Luckily, someone came up with a website for all Singaporeans to express their gratitude to Indonesia and Mr Jusuf Kalla.


So head down to the website and express your thanks to our neighbour for the 11 months of nice air. I’ve clicked 335 times, once for every day of clean air in a year. You should do your part too. And I hope VP Jusuf Kalla gets to see this.