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Time to stop the STOMP culture

If you were active on social media few days ago, I’m sure you’ll stumble upon a Facebook posting about a guy who refuse to give up his seat even though he was sitting on the reserved seat.

When I first saw that post, I didn’t comment or shared it. I knew that there must be another side to that story. And I was right. The guy later wrote on his Facebook that he has a heart condition and wasn’t feeling well that day.

I don’t want to go into detail of who is right and who is wrong. Maybe the guy was lying. Maybe he was being rude. End of the day, it is his words vs her words. But whatever it is, I think one lesson that we should all learn from this is that we need to stop the STOMP culture. Stop taking photo of people and shaming them on Social Media.

In a way, post like these border line on cyberbullying. The Facebook post begin by shaming the guy for being inconsiderate and not giving up his seat to a mother and a baby boy. Then as more and more people commented on the post, it slowly become a body shaming post with people criticising him for being fat and not exercising. How unfortunate.

There is nothing wrong with being fat. What if the guy had a medical condition that prevented him from keeping fit? And how do you think other overweight people will feel when they read the post?

There is no need to take a photo of someone and post it on Social Media. This public shaming culture needs to stop. If that person doesn’t give up his seat then let it be. I’m sure there are many other people who are willing to give up their seats. Maybe he is tired and need the seat too. You never know until you put yourself in his shoes.

It’s time to stop the STOMP culture. Social Media is meant for bigger things. Stop using it as a public shaming platform. End of the day, it does nothing good to the society. All these are border lining on cyberbullying. Stop doing it. If you see someone doing it, do not share or comment on it. Do not encourage this ugly behaviour.