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Do not set your iPhone or iPad date to 1st January 1970

There is a prank going around on the internet now asking people to change their iPhone or iPad date to 1st January 1970. DO NOT do that. I repeat, do not change your iPhone or iPad date to 1st Jan 1970.


Your iPhone or iPad will be completely bricked if you change the date back to 1st January 1970. This is a Unix glitch that affects 64-bit iOS devices (Devices newer than iPhone 5S, iPad Air and iPad Mini 2). The date 1/1/70 has an internal value of zero on a Unix system and somehow the system does not know how to handle it. This causes the device to be completely bricked.

Some people are saying that this will completely wipe out all your data. To unbrick your device, you’ll need to drain the battery completely flat. Not sure how true is it. Hope you don’t need to find out.

And in case you are wondering what happens when you set the date to 1st Jan 1970, someone already did it on YouTube so that you don’t need to.

Another marketing stunt gone wrong

In case you missed the news, Rebecca Lim isn’t retiring. Yet. Her retirement announcement was part of a publicity stunt by NTUC Income.


Well, obviously both Rebecca Lim and NTUC Income are getting backlash from the public. What were the marketers doing? How do you expect people to trust a company when they pull this kind of stupid publicity stunt? And I thought trust is very important in the insurance industry. So who approved such marketing stunt? Didn’t they know they will get such backlash?

This isn’t the first time a publicity stunt of this nature gone wrong. Back in 2011, there was a marketing campaign involving a “couple” documenting obstacles to their relationship on Facebook and getting public support for their wedding. On the “wedding day”, the guy was “killed” in an accident and it was revealed that everything is a publicity stunt by a Insurance company. Till this date, nobody claims responsibility to the campaign because of the backlash.

When will marketers ever learn that this kind of lie tactics never go well?

Singapore in Independence Day: Resurgence Super Bowl Trailer

Check out the latest Independence Day: Resurgence Super Bowl Trailer. If you see carefully, you might be able to spot some Singapore landmarks.

Well, it’s nice to know that Singapore wasn’t destroyed during the 1996 Independence Day’s alien Invasion. But looks like this time the aliens has found the little red dot.



OK, it’s just a movie. And most likely Singapore will only show up in the movie for a few seconds to represent worldwide destruction by the alien invaders.

But it good to know that Singapore is finally cool enough to be destroyed by Hollywood’s aliens. In the past, the Hollywood’s aliens and natural disasters usually just destroy cool landmarks such as London Eye, Sydney Opera House, Eiffel Tower, Christ the Redeemer, Great Wall of China etc. It’s nice to know that Singapore has entered the list of landmarks to be destroyed to represent “worldwide destruction”.

Get 2GB of Google Drive storage for free

Been busy with Chinese New Year house visit until I forgot that Safer Internet Day was on 9 Feb.

Google is encouraging all users to do a Security Checkup during this period and rewarding them with 2 GB of free Google Drive storage.

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 5.23.18 pm

The Security Checkup is pretty fast. Took me less than 3 minutes to complete everything. Even if you don’t need the extra 2 GB free Google Drive storage, it is still a good practice to review your security settings.

Go, do it now.

Report SMRT defects via WhatsApp

SMRT is now using WhatsApp to receive feedback on defects or faults on SMRT train and station.

Photo 30-1-16, 5 21 40 PM

SMRT SNAP-REP (Short for Snap and Report) is a quick way for communters to alert SMRT to any technical defect within the SMRT network. Simply send the info via WhatsApp to +65 9788 4398. Cool initiative. Now you can report issues like faulty aircon easily.

PS: OK, I know I’m a bit slow. This has been round since September last year. How did I missed it?