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Snoopy Run Singapore 2016

Oops. Almost missed this. Snoopy Run is coming to Singapore for the first time. Over 10,000 participants are expected to join Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Lucy and their gang of friends at the Singapore Sports Hub for the 5km Snoopy themed fun run.


All participants get a unique runner’s pack that includes an exclusive Snoopy Run T-shirt, Snoopy postcard collection, Peanuts Gang number tag, Charlie Brown Iconic bag, Linus’ Famous Blue towel and a black beagle nose to wear during the race, and lot’s more goodies including a SNOOPY finisher’s medal, and prizes too. Snap ‘winning’ selfies with all the Snoopy mascots. A giant inflatable Snoopy will be present for participants to capture their memories with, and beat the heat by visiting Lucy’s iconic lemonade stand for free lemonade!


Visit Snoopy Run Singapore website to register now! Hurry! Registration close at midnight on 22 March 2016.

Apple Keynote on 21 March

Apple is having a Keynote at their corporate headquarters on 21 March 2016.


There are lots of rumours saying that Apple will be announcing a new 4 inch iPhone to replace the iPhone 5s. It might have features found on the iPhone 6s like Apple Pay, A9 processor and a better camera. If this is true, then all the existing iPhone line up will support Apple Pay.Maybe Apple will also make some announcement on Apple Pay like more countries getting the payment system.

Besides iPhone, it is also rumoured that Apple will announce a new 9.7 inch iPad. The last time Apple announce a new 9.7 inch iPad was back in 2014 so its about time Apple refresh the line. There might also be some new MacBook or MacBook Pro announcement.

Oh! And Apple might also announce some new Apple Watch straps to “loop you in”.

All these are just some of the rumours going around the internet. We’ll have to wait till 21 March (22 March, 1am Singapore time) to find out.

PS: You might notice that this Apple event is held on a Monday instead of the usual Tuesday. Well, Apple need to attend a court hearing on Tuesday so I guess they won’t have time for their product announcement. Plus it might be a good time to answer some journalist questions before the court session. If you don’t know what the court case is about, check out the video by John Oliver.

IRAS going to start taxing bloggers and online influencers

The Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) recently send out letters to some bloggers and online influencers saying that all income from their social media activities need to be declared in the annual Income Tax Return. Yeap, IRAS is going to start taxing bloggers and online influencers.

OK, it is really no surprise that IRAS is doing this. After all, there are more and more full time influencers and some of them can be earning quite a lot of money from advertorial. But perhaps the thing that surprise me is that non-monetary benefits including sponsorship of products/services in return for reviews may be taxable too.


Are you telling me that if someone gave me a thumbdrive for review, I’ll need to find out the exact value of that product and declare that in my Income Tax Return? Or if I attend a food tasting session, I’ll need to find out the cost of that meal and declare it? And if I attend a press conference and they give me a goodie bag, I’ll need to ask the PR agency to tell me the exact value of that goodie bag so that I can file my Income Tax Return?


Come on! Let’s be seriously. I think it is perfectly alright to tax bloggers and online influencers if they are paid to do advertorial for a company. But non-monetary benefits too? So are celebrities and mainstream media journalist required to declare all the non monetary benefits they received? Are athletes required to declare all the sports shoes and equipments sponsored by companies?

If IRAS goes about taxing non monetary benefits, then I think a lot of bloggers and online influencers will need to call it a day. Food bloggers won’t be able to write food reviews because every food tasting they do is taxable. Lifestyle bloggers might have problem too if they are offered staycation. And tech bloggers will not be able to cover any launch event oversea since the air tickets and hotel stay will be taxable.

Someone needs to review this. Taxing non monetary benefits for bloggers and online influencers will just kill the entire blogging scene.

One Piece Run 2016

The One Piece Run kicked off last Sunday morning with over 5000 runners at the Kallang Practice Track for Singapore’s first-ever anime themed fun run.


Participants immersed themselves in the world of Luffy, the anime’s anchor character, through three experiential zones – Fish-man Island, Dressrosa and Punk Hazard, before stepping into the One Piece-themed village.



Runners snapped selfies with Singapore’s only life-sized mermaid, Mermaid Syrena, at the Fish-man Island zone. At Dressrosa, they teamed up with fellow Nakama to defeat the Donquixote pirates and rescue Dressrosa and King Ridu. Together with Caesar Clown and Law, they then bravely endured hot and icy lands at the Punk Hazard zone, before sailing towards the finishing line



Participants were also thrilled to witness their favourite characters come alive at the One Piece Village. The morning continued with exciting One Piece-themed carnival booths. There was also a Best Dressed segment presented by WakuWaku Japan. The best dressed winner scored a pair of air tickets to Tokyo, Japan, and a pair of admission passes to Tokyo One Piece Tower. Finally, memorable performances by J-pop groups USAGI, J.U.N.E and DJ Tomu wrapped up the festivities for the day.


Batman v Superman at CapitaLand malls

Fans of the Dark Knight and Man of Steel are in for a treat. CapitaLand malls in Singapore are exclusively rolling out an extensive line up of hero themed activities as we await the premiere of the highly anticipated DC Comics movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.



Highlight include the 1:1 life size statues of Armoured Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman at Bugis+. The Level 2 Atrium is transformed into a battleground for Batman v Superman featuring the battle scene from the movie.


There is also a replica of the new Batmobile featured in the movie. The Batmobile will be exhibited at Clarke Quay from now 4 March to 20 March, and Westgate from 22 March to 7 April.




Toy collectors should also check out the toy fairs taking place at Bugis Junction (7 to 27 March), Junction 8 (14 to 20 March) and Raffles City Singapore (21 March to 3 April). Selected items from the Hot Toys and Funko Pop collections brought in by Action City and Simply Toys respectively will be exclusively sold first at these toy fairs.


From today till 3 April, shoppers can redeem an exclusive Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice collectible with a minimum spending of S$180 over a maximum of 3 combined receipts on the same day at 16 CapitaLand Malls. For more info and other promos, visit CapitaLand Malls website.


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will premiere in Singapore on 24 March 2016.