No Olympics live telecast in Singapore is actually something good

I guess by now most people know that there will be no Olympics live telecast in Singapore. Instead, Mediacorp will be showing delayed telecast of the Olympics from 5 – 21 August. According to news report, Mediacorp inked a deal with the Olympics broadcast rights holder Dentsu to air an event only after the entire session has concluded although certain events featuring Team Singapore athletes may be aired minutes after they end.

Now of course there will be lots of complains on social media. This is the first time we are not getting live telecast since 1984. And its natural for a lot of people to start blaming Mediacorp and the Government. But let me just say that they are barking at the wrong tree.

The main issue here is that the rights to broadcast sporting events has been going up. To a stage that it is just too expensive. Instead of blaming Mediacorp, why isn’t anyone blaming Dentsu, the broadcast rights holder in this region. Why are we paying so much to get the rights to watch these sporting events live?

According to some reports, the asking price for the 2016 Olympics live telecast rights is around US$6 million. Mediacorp paid US$2.5 million in 2012 for the London Olympics. The cost has more than doubled in just 4 years. Has anyone questioned why?

It is time we stop being held hostage by all these content rights holder. If they want to charge ridiculous price, then we should walk away and let them gain nothing. If we were to pay US$6 million this year, what makes you think they won’t ask for US$12 million for the next Olympics? When is this going to stop?

I’m glad that Mediacorp didn’t give in to Dentsu. I’m glad that the Government did not step in to foot the bill. We can do without live telecast if it is going to cost an arm and a leg. Let all the sports content rights holder know that if they want to charge sky high price, then Singaporeans will just not watch it. Enough is enough.

Disclaimer: These are my own views and not representative of those of my employer.

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  1. JJ says:

    In the first place why Mediacorp let Dentsu obtained the right??
    How embarrassing…”NO” live telecast for Olympic 2016 for Singapore! Are we living in the 70’s or 80’s ???
    MANY OTHER Countries will have live Telecast EXCEPT SINGAPORE. Extremely surprise!!! Singapore is the only country (within Southeast Asia) that does not telecast “LIVE”. What a disappointment!!! All voiced down to $$$$… ask MEDIACORP??? Why set such a low budget for Olympic??? it is just a very small fraction comparing to the world cup. Please note that many people love to watch OLYMPIC and not the world cup. Why such a unfair treatment???
    Why announce to public so late???
    If they do not know how to negotiate contract with Dentsu…we may be able to help. If no money…the public may be able to help to raise FUND $$$. If only we knew it earlier.

  2. dk says:

    “In the first place why Mediacorp let Dentsu obtained the right??”

    You have to ask IOC. IOC is the one who sold the regional rights to Dentsu and all the broadcasters in this region needs to purchase the rights from Dentsu.

    Of cos it is easy for us to crowdsource and get enough money to buy the rights. Maybe every Singaporean pays around $10 to $20. But that is not the point. Why should we be held hostage by these content rights holder. If we pay this round, how much will the next round cost us?

  3. Phil says:

    I am curious how much was payed for the delayed telecast rights.
    Anyway, don’t forget its a 13 hour time difference so was there ever going to be a big live audience?

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