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Some people should be banned from using the Internet

M1’s chairman, Mr Teo Soon Hoe, passed away last Sunday, 14 Dec. The news was reported by news outlets like Channel NewsAsia and Yahoo Singapore. While some netizens offer their condolences on the Facebook post, a few netizen use it to complain about M1 and ask if there’s any discount.





Seriously, some people should be banned from using the Internet.

Liam Neeson to endorse one lucky winner’s ‘particular set of skills’ on LinkedIn

It’s not everyday you see companies use LinkedIn to run their social media campaign. Most social media campaigns are done on either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Well, Twentieth Century Fox is having a marketing campaign for the upcoming movie Taken 3 using LinkedIn.

One lucky winner will have his or her ‘particular set of skills’ on LinkedIn endorsed by Liam Neeson aka Brian Mills, an ex-CIA operative in the movie Taken 3.

Unfortunately this contest is only for residents of United States. Sigh. How I wish Liam Neeson can endorse my very particular set of skills that I have acquired over a very long career in Social Media. Haha.

If you are from the US, head down to the LinkedIn page and take part in the contest. Good luck.

Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2014

The Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2014 took place last Sunday.

The crazy me decided to wake up early to take some photos of the event. It was quite convenient because the train service extended their operating hours for the marathon. I decided to catch the first runner somewhere around the 37KM mark where there is an overhead bridge from MBS to GBTB.


Kenya’s Kenneth Mungara was the first to reach my location. He went on to be the first to cross the finish line in the Elite Men’s Open category at 2 hours 16 minutes and 40 seconds. In the Elite Women’s Open category, Amare Wagnesh of Ethiopia got first place with a time of 2 hours 46 minutes and 53 seconds.


Mok Ying Ren was the first male Singaporean to cross the finish line at 2 hours 53 minutes and 43 seconds. Rachel See won the Local Women’s Open category with 3 hours 17 minutes and 13 seconds.

Here are some of the photos that I took at the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore.

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Mi Band available in Singapore from 16 December

Xiaomi’s fitness monitor and sleep tracker, the Mi Band, will be available in Singapore from 16 December 2014.


The Mi Band tracks motion to count the number of steps you take each day when walking or running. It also monitos your sleep pattern automatically when you keep it on your wrist in bed. The Mi Band works great with your Xiaomi phone like Mi 3 and Redmi Note 4G. It can automatically unlock supported Mi phone’s screen.

The Mi Band is IP67 water and dust resistant and battery last for 30 days.



Best of all, the Mi Band will be available in Singapore at just S$19.99. Mi Band will go on sale on 16 December 2014. For more info on how to get the Mi Band, visit Xiaomi Singapore Facebook page.

Gangnam style “broke” the YouTube counter

We all know that Psy’s Gangnam Style is the most watched video on YouTube. Gangnam style was the first YouTube video to hit 1 billion views in December 2012 and reaches 2 billion views in June this year.

Well, something interesting happened last week. The Gangnam style video “broke” the YouTube view counter. The counter was originally a 32 bit integer. Which means it can count up to 2,147,483,647 views. Nobody expects a YouTube video to reach that number of views…… well, that is until Psy gave us Gangnam style.

So to cater for the ever increasing view count, YouTube have upgraded the counter from 32 bit integer to 64 bit integer. This means the YouTube view counter is now capable of reaching 9,223,372,036,854,775,808 views. It might seem enough for us now but hey, you never know when another viral video hit that view count.


But seriously, who is still watching the Gangnam style video? And how much advertising money is Psy earning from YouTube?