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Wrong Side

Took this photo while waiting for a friend. Actually it is quite a common sight. Every Aug, surely got some fellow who hang the flag wrongly.

I still don’t understand how something so simple can cock up. Can’t you guys just mentally visualise which side the flag is when you are hanging it?

The crescent moon and 5 stars are on the left side of the flag, meaning when you are hanging it, the crescent moon and 5 stars should be on your right side.

Simple mah…. okie, even if you hang wrongly, don’t you bother to take a look at your flag when you walk pass your block? Aiyo… National day over liao lah, hope u take it down soon. Don’t throw our face. Wait other country people laugh at us say we don’t even know how to hang our own nation’s flag. What a disgrace.

Next national day, remind me to do a special edition to teach people how to hang flag.

National education should include a module to teach singaporeans how to hang flag. After 40yr of flag hanging, still got people manage to do it wrongly. *Shake head*

Election should be coming…..


I’m not refering to the presidental election. Oh, btw: We might not have a president election. Judging from the way the newspaper blast the Mr Kuan recently, I doubt we will get a public holiday.

Seriously, I don’t mind seeing any tom dick or harry coming out for the president election. Why the need to filter away the clowns and jokers? We are matured already right? Surely we can tell the different between clowns and contender.

Just throw Kuan and Nathan in the pit and fight it out.

Anyway, I wasn’t going to talk about presidental election. I wanted to talk about General Election. You know, the time when you finally gets to see your MPs walking around your GRC, shaking hands and saying hello to you machim they are good old friends of you. Come come, how many people can name all the MPs in your GRC? Even I cannot do that. All I know is Mr Lim Boon Heng is 1 of them. The education minister (whom I cannot recall his name) is also 1 of my MP. As for the other 3 tag-a-long MPs, I seriously cannot remember their name, look and even GENDER!! yeap. I don’t even remember if they are male or female. it is THAT BAD.

But at least the elections are coming. When the election comes, they will show up and I’ll try my face to remember who they actually are.

You may ask, How do you know elections are coming? Simple…. Read the State controlled Newspaper. Hahahaha…. Suddenly, out of no where, they start talking about the GRC boundries and Pontong Pasir….. Something fishy…. it should be coming soon….

MP from outer space?


Caught on national TV, Live during the NDP 05.
(pls excuse the poor quality image. I capture the pic using my K750i. Can’t seem to do a screen capture on windows media player)

See the video on demand if you still don’t believe your eyes.
Skip to 1hr 10min 15sec.

Okie lah, no alien lah. Just some streamers at the background. Haha.

Gee…. I hope the cameraman doesn’t get fired because of this.
Just a joke only Mr MP, don’t angry ok?

Made in Singapore


I have no problem understanding the instructions from mrbrown. Just that I feel 1 photo is enough to make my own “one Singapore minute”. Why need a series of photos when just 1 photo can say how I feel about Singapore. (Hope I don’t get disqualified for doing this)

And here we have it. 1 photo with 3 things that do Singapore proud.

Pls excuse me if I left out other things. My mind is currently on a holiday mood. Can’t really think of others. But these 3 are already good enough to make you wanna stand up and say loud loud “I’m a Singaporean!”

Happy Birthday Singapore.

Looking back 3 years ago


Went into my old blog and dig out this posting that I’ve done 3 yr ago during National Day. The feeling and thinking is more or less the same. Nothing much has changed. Still have the same tots.

Anyway, Today is Singapore’s 40th Birthday.
Happy Birthday.

**Written on 9th Aug 2002**

wat is patrotic? something i ask myself during singapore’s 37th birthday
is hanging out the flag during national day consider patrotic? or is it going to the NDP consider patrotic?

remember i was talking bout those china woman who got gold in the commonwealth games?
so is tat consider patrotic?
i posted up the same topic in a forum tat i often visit….
and someone replied to me, “at least they got gold for us, wat have u done for singapore?”

wat have i done for singapore? i wonder?
being a singaporean for 22 yr already, spending most of my time in singapore.
being loyal to singapore, serving my national service
is it not enough? so do i have to go play some table tennis to get gold for singapore to show my loyality?
or do i have to climb the everest to show tat i’m patrotic?
or just hanging out the flag will do?

it’s all in the heart….no action needed….
but why is it some pple think must hang a flag to be patrotic?
i tink it’s so artifical….
I am a singaporean, and I’m proud to be 1….
when the time comes, if there is a need to fight a war, i’ll be out there, protecting singapore, my home with my life
isn’t that enough?

or do i have to get gold in table tennis? or climb everest and plant singapore flag on the top
to show them i’m as patrotic to singapore as they are?
do you think they are really loyal to singapore?
will they fight a war for singapore, and even lose their life just to defend singapore???

who are they? born in a country far away, come to singapore
just because singapore give them more money, just because they are good at something
and their own country does not give them the same chance and money as singapore
then they come here….and we gave them the chance, the money and the glory
and WE forgotten about OUR own people!!!

here they are, taking away the chances of our own people
yes, we are not as good as them, but so? does playing a game mean u have to win?
because of them, how many people lost the chance to represent singapore?
how many lost the heart in playing, on seeing them that their skill are much better than ours?
some people dare to say they are here to raise the standard of singapore sport
i feel they are here to take away the chances of singaporean in representing in the sport

and so wat if he put the singapore flag on top of everest?
it’s not the flag on the everest, it’s the people that went up there that really matters
but who is up there? a Singapore PR….have he served the NS before?
will he pick up a M16 1 day if needed? or will he be on the earliest flight out of singapore?
yet we are dumping money on to him, to let him finish HIS dream, HIS wish, HIS adventure
when such money could be use to help the needy, the unfortunate and the 1 who deserved more!

and i look at myself
why am i still so loyal to a country who cares so much bout others and not his own people?
the new GST and income tax changes shows 1 thing, singapore is interested in attracting more outside talents
does it care about it’s own people? increase GST so benifits can be giving to richer “talents” frm oversea
to attract them to come here, just to see them RUN away when something bad happen

and while i’m serving my national service, holding my M16, protecting the country,
i see many oversea students coming to NTU and NUS
to study, get a degree and just F**K off from here.
taking up the seat that many singaporean are dying for.
which singaporean doesn’t wish complete his degree in singapore?
but does singapore give u the chance?

NO! they rather give it to oversea students, who pay more than u!
it’s not as if our result are worest then them, if our result is worest, then why some of us can get into top uni in UK and Aust?
it’s just that we are holding a diploma.
have anyone ever actually look at the ratio of dip student and oversea student in our UNI???
i remember last time i applied for NUS and was rejected, only to found out they actually had 200++ oversea students out of the 700++ seats available!!!
imagine if tat 200 seats were not given to them and to singaporean? how many singaporean can benifit frm it???

yet we give them the chance to study in singapore, forgetting bout our children.
so wat will they do after they finish their studies?
go back to their country and contribute to THEIR country, forgetting that it is SINGAPORE who give them the chance to study, who educate them, who mould them into the person they are now.
wat have they done to deserve a seat in our Uni???
did they serve the army? or did they help contribute to our econmy?

today is singapore 37th birthday, and here i am scolding her
telling her tat she has been forgetting bout her own children
we are YOUR children, YOUR citizen, YOUR people,
yet u treat outsider better than us.

but still, no matter what happen,
i’m still loyal to u, if time come, i’ll be here to fight
even if it mean dying for u, i’m willing…..

but why am i doing so much for someone so heartless?
cos i’m a PURE singaporean, i’m born here, i live here and i’ll die here
this is MY Singapore, MY Home, MY Future

Happy birthday.