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ACRA brings additional 1000 charges against Data Register Pte Ltd

The Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) has brought a further 1,000 charges against Data Register Pte Ltd (previously known as “Company Register Pte Ltd”) for issuing business correspondence in October and November 2013 which did not state its company name and registration number.

These 1,000 charges are in addition to the earlier 104 charges brought against the company in January 2014. Each breach carries a maximum fine of S$1,000.

From November 2013 to January 2014, ACRA received over 2,000 queries from companies in relation to the correspondence they had received from Data Register Pte Ltd. In those correspondence, Data Register Pte Ltd requested companies to verify their details through its website, failing which their data would be deleted. Many members of the public informed ACRA that Data Register did not state its company name or registration number on its business correspondence and that they had dealt with Data Register thinking it was a government agency.

You can read more about Data Register Pte Ltd (previously known as “Company Register Pte Ltd”) here and here.

SIA passenger billed $1200 for inflight Internet

An SIA passenger has been charged US$1,171.46 for using the inflight Internet on a flight from London to Singapore.

Jeremy Gutsche, a Canadian entrepreneur, purchased the 30MB package for US$28.99 but he busted the 30MB limit. He claimed that he used the internet mainly for work emails between naps and just viewed 155 pages.


His article about his experience has been picked up by several media around the world.

This is not the first time we hear about bill shock although most of the bill shock stories come from data roaming and not inflight internet. But they are mostly the same. User either didn’t sign up for the package or exceed their allocated limits.

SIA offers 2 price plan for their inflight Internet: volume-based at US$9.99 for 10MB and time-base at US$11.95 for 1 hour.

Personally, I think SIA’s price plan is ok. After all, you are accessing Internet at an altitude of 39000 feet. It is unfair to say that SIA is overcharging for their internet.

The problem here lies with the user. Jeremy claims that he only send a 4mb email and view 155 pages. It is unclear what are the file size of the 155 pages. If the file size is small, then I doubt the inflight Internet charge can chalk up to $1200. I guess most likely something is running in the background. Maybe his computer is doing some system update? Or maybe there is a malware in his computer and it is sending data without the owner’s knowledge.

You would assume a CEO of a website would know more about this sort of thing. No use complaining about it after you receive the bill. It is clearly a user error.

Counting the number of pages view is a terrible way to gauge data usage. And you are assuming that’s the only thing that your computer is doing. If you don’t know exactly how much data you will be using, I suggest you subscribe to a time-base package instead.

Freedom of speech

Some people are saying that the opposition supporters does not respect the freedom of speech after a Pro-PAP speaker was being boo-ed off stage last weekend during the protest to ask PM Lee to step down.

Watch the video first.

Is it fair to say that those people attending has no respect for freedom of speech?

Let’s put this into context. The protest at Hong Lim Park last weekend is to ask PM Lee to step down. Personally I think PM Lee is doing an OK job. But I respect the protesters’ freedom of speech. That’s why I didn’t go Hong Lim Park last weekend. I do not agree with them but I respect their freedom of speech.

It is their event. Their chance to express their displeasure. Not all of us may agree with them. But they have their freedom of speech. Let them have it. By voicing your support for PM Lee at that event is to deny them of their freedom of speech. That is not a public forum or town hall meeting. It is a protest. People travel all the way to Hong Lim Park to show their displeasure. Do not deny them their rights to do so.

Some people said those who boo-ed the speaker off stage do not respect freedom of speech. I disagree. I say that the speaker himself does not respect freedom of speech.

If he want to talk about his support for PM Lee, he can apply for a permit to speak at Hong Lim Park on another day. It is his rights to do so and I’m sure nobody from the opposition will stop him from doing that. He should not be doing that at a protest against PM Lee. That is just disrespecting other’s freedom of speech.

There is a time and place for everything. I hope Mohammed Bashir will get it right next time.

More than 26,000 turn up at Speakers’ Corner for Pink Dot 2014

More than 26,000 turn up at The Speakers’ Corner for Pink Dot 2014. Despite the opposition this year, the event went on without a hitch.

Instead of just the usual Pink Dot, a Blue Heart appeared in the Pink Dot when participants turned on their torches at about 8pm.


This is the 6th year Pink Dot is being held in Singapore. Pink Dot is a non profit movement started by a group of individuals who care deeply about the place that LGBT Singaporeans call home. Last year, more than 21,000 people turn up at Hong Lim Park.

Let’s hope someday everyone will have the freedom to love without discrimination.

Beware of Singapore Company Register

I’ve blogged about this last November. Lately I notice a lot of people are getting letters from Data Register Pte Ltd (formerly known as Company Register Pte Ltd) again. The letter goes something like this.


The letter above might seem like a official letter from a Government agency but it is not. It is actually just a marketing mailer.

This letter is not from Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). ACRA had issued two public alerts in November last year and January this year saying that ACRA has no links to Data Register Pte Ltd.

You are not obliged to register with the Singapore Company Register database. It is actually ok if your company’s information is deleted from the Singapore Company Register database. This database is different from the BizFile database managed by ACRA.

Do note that there is a S$490 annual fee if you choose to register with Singapore Company Register database. My advice to all business owners is to read the letter carefully.