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Freedom of speech

Some people are saying that the opposition supporters does not respect the freedom of speech after a Pro-PAP speaker was being boo-ed off stage last weekend during the protest to ask PM Lee to step down.

Watch the video first.

Is it fair to say that those people attending has no respect for freedom of speech?

Let’s put this into context. The protest at Hong Lim Park last weekend is to ask PM Lee to step down. Personally I think PM Lee is doing an OK job. But I respect the protesters’ freedom of speech. That’s why I didn’t go Hong Lim Park last weekend. I do not agree with them but I respect their freedom of speech.

It is their event. Their chance to express their displeasure. Not all of us may agree with them. But they have their freedom of speech. Let them have it. By voicing your support for PM Lee at that event is to deny them of their freedom of speech. That is not a public forum or town hall meeting. It is a protest. People travel all the way to Hong Lim Park to show their displeasure. Do not deny them their rights to do so.

Some people said those who boo-ed the speaker off stage do not respect freedom of speech. I disagree. I say that the speaker himself does not respect freedom of speech.

If he want to talk about his support for PM Lee, he can apply for a permit to speak at Hong Lim Park on another day. It is his rights to do so and I’m sure nobody from the opposition will stop him from doing that. He should not be doing that at a protest against PM Lee. That is just disrespecting other’s freedom of speech.

There is a time and place for everything. I hope Mohammed Bashir will get it right next time.

More than 26,000 turn up at Speakers’ Corner for Pink Dot 2014

More than 26,000 turn up at The Speakers’ Corner for Pink Dot 2014. Despite the opposition this year, the event went on without a hitch.

Instead of just the usual Pink Dot, a Blue Heart appeared in the Pink Dot when participants turned on their torches at about 8pm.


This is the 6th year Pink Dot is being held in Singapore. Pink Dot is a non profit movement started by a group of individuals who care deeply about the place that LGBT Singaporeans call home. Last year, more than 21,000 people turn up at Hong Lim Park.

Let’s hope someday everyone will have the freedom to love without discrimination.

Beware of Singapore Company Register

I’ve blogged about this last November. Lately I notice a lot of people are getting letters from Data Register Pte Ltd (formerly known as Company Register Pte Ltd) again. The letter goes something like this.


The letter above might seem like a official letter from a Government agency but it is not. It is actually just a marketing mailer.

This letter is not from Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). ACRA had issued two public alerts in November last year and January this year saying that ACRA has no links to Data Register Pte Ltd.

You are not obliged to register with the Singapore Company Register database. It is actually ok if your company’s information is deleted from the Singapore Company Register database. This database is different from the BizFile database managed by ACRA.

Do note that there is a S$490 annual fee if you choose to register with Singapore Company Register database. My advice to all business owners is to read the letter carefully.

Petition to shut down STOMP

Here is something that you most likely won’t see on STOMP or any SPH newspaper/websites. A petition asking SPH to shut down STOMP is gaining widespread support from Singaporeans. The petition currently has more than 15,000 signatures and growing.


I think a lot of us have enough of the rubbish on STOMP. Everyone still remember that STOMP article about SMRT door remaining open while moving. We thought things will improve after that. It didn’t. If you go to STOMP now, you still can see lots of irresponsible reporting. The site give Citizen Journalism a bad name. It promote false information, hate speech and xenophobia. Recently, STOMP started a “Don’t be a Social Media Idiot” campaign to encourage readers to shame “idiots” on social media platform like Facebook.

I think Singaporeans had enough. It is time we demand SPH to shut down STOMP and stop tarnishing the name of Citizen Journalism.

This petition should have been started long time ago. But I guess it is never too late to start. You can sign the online petition here.

The longest-ever dry spell in Singapore

Singapore is currently in the midst of its longest-ever dry spell, where rain has not fallen for 27 days between Jan 13 and Feb 8. According to NEA, the dry weather will probably persist into the first half of next month.

But luckily for Singapore, we still have a healthy level of water in the reservoirs. This is because PUB has increased the amount of NEWater it injects into the reservoirs and the desalination plants are working at near full capacity. These two sources were aable to provide 55 per cent of the water demands. Imported water from Malaysia make up the remaining water demand.

As a results, there is no need for Singapore to implement water rationing. The last time Singapore had water rationing was back in the 1960s.

According to PUB, water consumption has increased slightly last week. The agency will send advisories on water conservation methods. Companies are being encouraged to switch off their water features while Town Council may reduce the frequency of their cleaning using water.

I think we should give credits where credit is due. PUD did a great job by making sure Singapore have enough water supply during this long dry spell. All thanks to the forward planning with NEWater and desalination plants. Good job guys!