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Time to stop the STOMP culture

If you were active on social media few days ago, I’m sure you’ll stumble upon a Facebook posting about a guy who refuse to give up his seat even though he was sitting on the reserved seat.

When I first saw that post, I didn’t comment or shared it. I knew that there must be another side to that story. And I was right. The guy later wrote on his Facebook that he has a heart condition and wasn’t feeling well that day.

I don’t want to go into detail of who is right and who is wrong. Maybe the guy was lying. Maybe he was being rude. End of the day, it is his words vs her words. But whatever it is, I think one lesson that we should all learn from this is that we need to stop the STOMP culture. Stop taking photo of people and shaming them on Social Media.

In a way, post like these border line on cyberbullying. The Facebook post begin by shaming the guy for being inconsiderate and not giving up his seat to a mother and a baby boy. Then as more and more people commented on the post, it slowly become a body shaming post with people criticising him for being fat and not exercising. How unfortunate.

There is nothing wrong with being fat. What if the guy had a medical condition that prevented him from keeping fit? And how do you think other overweight people will feel when they read the post?

There is no need to take a photo of someone and post it on Social Media. This public shaming culture needs to stop. If that person doesn’t give up his seat then let it be. I’m sure there are many other people who are willing to give up their seats. Maybe he is tired and need the seat too. You never know until you put yourself in his shoes.

It’s time to stop the STOMP culture. Social Media is meant for bigger things. Stop using it as a public shaming platform. End of the day, it does nothing good to the society. All these are border lining on cyberbullying. Stop doing it. If you see someone doing it, do not share or comment on it. Do not encourage this ugly behaviour.

It’s time to stop STOMP-ing

This appeared on STOMP recently.


According to the STOMP article, the photo was taken at around 5.45am on the Circle line from Bishan towards Harbourfront. The elderly man had to sit on a ledge as a lady in SMRT uniform was occupying the Reserved Seat with her bag.

Firstly, it is 5.45am. It is usually quite empty on the Circle Line at this hour. I’m sure there are a lot of other free seat.

Also, the STOMPer could have given up his seat to the elderly man. If the STOMPer is seated opposite the SMRT employee, then his seat should also be a Reserved Seat. Even if it is not a Reserved Seat, it is always good to give up your seat to someone who needs it more than you.

Lastly, and most importantly, the STOMPer could have just ask the SMRT employee to shift her bag so that the elderly man can sit there. What’s the point of taking photo and sending it to STOMP?

This is not the first time someone send stupid things to STOMP. Last year, someone send a photo of a NSF not giving up his seat to an elderly lady. But in actual fact, there is an empty seat just few seats away.

I think it is time to stop STOMP-ing. STOMP is cultivating a very bad behaviour. If you see something wrong, step forward and fix it. Speak up or do something about it. What’s the point taking photo and sending it to STOMP?

The problem with 3-hr PSI Readings

Last night was a clear example of how useless the 3-hr PSI Readings is. At 9pm, the 3-hr PSI is at 96 which is in the moderate level. However, anyone who has a window can tell that the PSI Reading is much higher than 96. Here are some tweets from 9pm.




What’s the point of releasing the 3-hr PSI Reading when nobody trust it? Everyone knows that the actual PSI Reading at 9pm can’t be 96. I was on my way home and there was a strong burning smell in the air. The whole place looked hazy just like a scene from Silent Hill.

Photo 19-10-15, 9 25 32 PM

Well, few hours later, NEA released an advisory saying that there was a sharp deterioration in haze conditions from about 9pm. No Shit Sherlock.

Perhaps NEA should consider reverting back to the old hourly PSI Reading. No point reporting something that people will constantly doubt its accuracy. Oh and by the way, the one-hour PM2.5 Reading in the west reached 442 at 10pm and 471 at 11pm. That is in the Hazardous level.


No matter what the PSI Reading says, we should make our own judgement to decide if we need to reduce outdoor activities or put on a N95 mask. But if NEA is going to dedicate resource in reporting the PSI Reading, it should be something useful. Not a PSI Reading of 96 when it is very hazy.

Thank you Indonesia and VP Jusuf Kalla for 11 months of nice air

The 3-hour PSI now is 137. The PSI is hovering around the unhealthy range for the past few weeks and it doesn’t seems to be going away soon. While you are feeling angry and frustrated over the haze caused by the fire in Indonesia, let me remind you about something that Indonesia Vice President said in 2013.

“For 11 months, they enjoyed nice air from Indonesia and they never thanked us. They have suffered because of the haze for one month and they get upset,” – Indonesia Vice President Mr Jusuf Kalla.

Yes, we Singaporeans are ungrateful. We should thank Indonesia for the 11 months of fresh clean air. Instead, all we do is complain whenever there is a haze.

Luckily, someone came up with a website for all Singaporeans to express their gratitude to Indonesia and Mr Jusuf Kalla.


So head down to the website and express your thanks to our neighbour for the 11 months of nice air. I’ve clicked 335 times, once for every day of clean air in a year. You should do your part too. And I hope VP Jusuf Kalla gets to see this.

Spotify playlist for #SGHaze

The haze is getting worse lately. Since most people will be staying indoors during this period, the good folks at Spotify created a playlist to beat the hazy blues.

Brilliant idea. Didn’t know that there are so many songs related to haze.


Should we Just Breathe (by Pearl Jam) or Try Not To Breathe (by R.E.M.)?