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Free supercar rides by GrabTaxi Singapore

It’s the Singapore Grand Prix week. To match the speed of the fast Formula One car, GrabTaxi Singapore is offering free rides on 7 supercar from 15 to 20 September. Yes, FREE.

GrabTaxi Singapore revs up atmosphere with free supercar rides this race season (1024x683)

To book the free supercar rides, simply download GrabTaxi app and register for a free account if you haven’t. Select Grabspeed, enter your pickup location, destination and promo code ‘GrabSpeed’.

The 7 supercars available are:
- Aston Martin DB9 Volante convertible
– Aston Martin DBS Volante convertible
– Maserati GranTurismo
– Maserati Quattroporte Sports GTS
– McLaren MP4-12C
– Porsche C4S 911 Cabriolet
– Porsche Carrera


Due to limited seating capacity of the supercars, each ride can accommodate only one passenger at a time.

GrabTaxi is also giving away tickets to the Motor Racing Championships to 2 lucky winners everyday who completed a ride with Grabspeed.

Safe driving tips

According to the Singapore Traffic Police, the road safety situation in Singapore has seen an improvement in the first six months of 2015. While traffic fatalities dropped by 12.4%, there was an increase of 5.8% in motorcyclist injuries and a 4.9% increase in injuries to elderly pedestrians.

This shows that there is still a lot that we can do to improve road safety. Here are some safe driving tips that I observe while driving. Feel free to add yours in the comment section.

Don’t be distracted.
Concentrate on the road conditions. All your texting and social media updates can wait. If you must, ask the passenger to help you read and reply to text. Or use a voice command app. But seriously, just wait till you reached your destination.

Don’t speed.
Observe the speed limit of the road. Drive at a speed that is suitable for the road condition and your comfort level. Don’t speed. The amount of time you save is not worth the danger you put yourself in.

Don’t tailgate.
I know Singapore very small. But there is enough room on the road. Keep a safety distance from the car in front of you. Don’t tailgate. You never know when the car in front might need to E-brake.

Plan your journey in advance..
Nowadays there’s no reason for you to not plan your journey in advance. If you are not familiar with the road, use those turn by turn navigation app on your smartphone to guide you. And if you still miss an exit, don’t worry. The next exit is just a bit further down the road.

Practice defensive driving.
This is the most important part of safety driving. Always be on a lookout for dangers on the road. Be prepared to take evasive action to avoid accident. Learn to lookout for dangerous drivers. I always try to keep a distance from drivers who don’t maintain a proper lane discipline and those aggressive drivers.

To encourage good road safety behaviour, the Traffic Police is partnering with Singapore Road Safety Council and Shell Singapore to award all license holders who have maintained a demerit-free status over the last five years with a Demerit Free Driver car decal. If you haven’t collected your decal, go get it at your nearest Shell petrol station. You might win a goodie bag worth $80 or 3D2N stay at The Fullerton Hotel. What are you waiting for?

Demerit Free Driver car decal

To encourage good road safety behaviour, the Traffic Police is partnering with Singapore Road Safety Council and Shell Singapore in a new commendation initiative. All license holders who have maintained a demerit-free status over the last five years will be receiving a Letter of Commendation from the Traffic Police.

Motorist can present their letter and redeem a Badge of Honour decal or sticker at any Shell petrol station from 27 July to 30 September.


More than 1.2 million license-holders will qualify for this Demerit Free Driver decal. If you qualify, you should redeem your decal soon. Display the Badge of Honour on your vehicle and you could win a goodie bag worth $80 if you are spotted at Shell. You’ll also qualify for a special lucky draw where you stand to win a 3D2N stay at The Fullerton Hotel.

Panasonic showcase 3D Mapping Projectors at BroadcastAsia2015

If you are visiting CommunicAsia2015 or BroadcastAsia2015, you might want to check out the new Tesla Model S at Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre Level 4.


No, Tesla isn’t one of the exhibitors. Instead, Panasonic is using the Tesla Model S to showcase the 3D mapping capabilities of its projectors. The display utilizes Panasonic’s 20,000 lumen PT-DZ21K projectors, to demonstrate new innovative uses for projection within the rental and staging market.


The projector’s light weight and compact body makes set-up and handling quick and easy. The world’s first and shortest throw lens for 3-Chip DLP projectors, ET-D75LE90 was also used for the project to overcome the limited space at the event.


The electric car is powered by battery cells produced by Panasonic and will be on display from 2-5 June at BroadcastAsia2015 at Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre Level 4.

Everyone is a Winner at Shell Singapore

Shell Singapore just launched the “Everyone is a Winner” promotion recently. From 11 May to 2 August 2015, Shell Escape members who spend at least $60 (gross) on Shell fuels with payment by cash, Nets, credit cards or vouchers will receive sure-win Peel & Win cards. Non-Shell Escape members can sign up for a Shell Escape Card at any Shell station to participate in the promotion.

Shell 'Everyone is a Winner' - Peel & Win Card

Get 1 Peel & Win card for every $60 spent on Shell FuelSave/Diesel. Double the chances with 2 Peel & Win cards for every $60 spent on Shell V-Power. On top of that, all payments made with Citibank Credit Cards gets 1 additional Peel & Win card.

Three lucky winners will stand a chance to walk away with $5,000 worth of Shell fuel vouchers, while 20 other winners will get to bring home $1,000 worth of Shell fuel vouchers. Visit Shell Singapore website for more details.