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IMD09 Museum Open house & Rockin’ Without Smokin’

Tomorrow seems to be a happening day. Lots of activities happening. IMD09 Museum Open House and Rockin’ Without Smokin’ concert.

Here is my plan for tomorrow.

11am – 1pm: Asian Civilisation Museum. (The Kangxi Emperor: Treasures from the Forbidden City)
1pm – 2pm: Quick Lunch
2pm – 3pm: Peranakan Museum
3pm – 5pm: National Museum
5pm: Rockin’ Without Smokin’ concert at PS

Its great that everything is happening near to each other. Can walk from one location to another. :)

So how you spending your Sunday tomorrow? If you are free, do visit the Museum and the Rockin’ Without Smokin’ concert. Have a great Sunday!

International Museum Day 2009

The International Museum Day is here again. From 23 to 31 May 2009, all the Museums under National Heritage Board will be organizing events and activities to celebrate IMD. This year IMD theme is Holiday Fun at Home.


Check out the IMD09 site for the list of exciting activities taking place during IMD. Or join the Making History facebook group for more updates.

Oh, and there will be a Open House on 31 May 2009. Free entry too all the participating museums. Anyone want to go on a museum hopping gathering?

PS: Just wondering. Why is it call International Museum Day when it is from 23 to 31 May 2009?

Borders discount voucher

Borders is having discount again. Just print this voucher to enjoy the discount.

Buy 2 books and get 20% discount.
Buy 3 books and get 30% discount.
Members get additional 10% discount.

Too bad buy 10 books don’t get you 100% discount. Hee hee.
Hurry, voucher valid until 21 May 2009.

Apply for your NDP 2009 tickets NOW!

Its the time of the year everyone is waiting for. The E-balloting of the National Day Parade tickets! Woohoo!

You may apply for the NDP tickets from now till 25 May 2009. This year, you can apply via SMS, Telephone, AXS machine and NDP website. (Check out this site for the details)Like previous year, you can apply for either 2, 4 or 6 tickets for Preview Day or Actual day. The lesser tickets you apply, the higher your chance.

We have been doing E-balloting of NDP tickets for quite a few years already. Sad to say, I never managed to get any tickets for NDP thru E-balloting.
In fact, the last time I attended the NDP was back in 2002. And during that time, I was standing in the middle of the field, hold my SAR 21 and my face full of Camo.

I wish I could get the NDP tickets this time. Pleaseeeeeee…….. I promise I won’t make fun of this year’s NDP slogan, “Come Together”.

SOYJOY GI Challenge

I guess by now you should have seen the SOYJOY “Much effort, little effort” advertisement on TV. I haven’t tried all the 4 SOYJOY flavors yet. Think so far I’ve only tried the Cacao Orange flavor. Not bad actually.

Anyway, SOYJOY is having this GI Challenge where 5 bloggers compete against each other by getting their readers to vote for them and blog about 4 task given to them over the next 5 weeks. The top 2 bloggers will be flown to Japan to visit the factory and museum. WOW!

The 5 bloggers are:
His Food BLog

Don’t ask me who to vote for. Tough choice man. I know all of them. This is the time when my iPhone’s MotionX-Dice apps comes in handy.



Vote for your favorite blogger now.
Let me know if you need to borrow my MotionX-Dice apps.

PS: Check out the website, under “About SOYJOY”. Can play around with the SOYJOY bar. Hahahaha.