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“Shut up and sit down” T-shirt

The Aware EOGM last Saturday inspired a design consultant (@bionic_creative on twitter) to come out with a series of T-Shirt with some infamous quotes from the meeting. T-shirts with quotes like “Shut up and sit down”, “Respect your elders”, “I’m on page 73” and “Where were you” are now available on sale for $29.90. 70% of the proceeding will go to Aware, which might need a little top up in their funds after Josie and Co spend $90,000 of the funds in less than 1 month.

Go check out the website, there are several interesting design. This is my favorite design. I understand that it’s also the most popular design currently.


But too bad they are in white (Some design available in pink). Waiting for black version to come before ordering. This is so cool.

Update: Black Colour “Shut up and sit down” T-Shirt is now available at $34.90. Woohoo!!!

Wang Lee Hom is coming to Singapore

Catch Lee Hom tomorrow (23 Apr 2009), 5-8pm at SingTel Comcentre. (31 Exeter Road, near Somerset MRT)


He is here for the launch of unlimited music from SingTel and Sony Ericsson.

Another local podcast!

I’m always excited whenever there is new local content in the podcastingsphere. (If there is ever such a word) So when NTT email the Tech65 crew about this new local podcast by linuxNUS, I immediately click the play button and spread the news via twitter. In fact, I’m listening to the podcast while I’m typing this blog entry. Haha.

Check out Episode 0 of the linuxNUS Podcast: Closed on Sundays.

Hello Campaign

Nope, this has nothing to do with the Telco shop in Singapore. The “Hello Campaign” is a movement to bring the human touch back to the world. By a simple “Hello”.

The “Hello Campaign” is part of the 2009 Singapore Kindness Movement started on April 5th. It plans to reach out to 100,000 people to support the campaign, be part of it and make a difference to the world. The organisers are planning to get 500 volunteers (or more) to walk down orchard road and say hello to as many strangers as possible.


The event is on 11 April 2009 from 1 to 4pm at Dhoby Ghaut. (Yes, I know this comes a bit late. Sorry, the email been sitting in my inbox for a few days and I forgotten completely about it)

Check out their official website and Facebook Fan Page for more details.

Free BJ!!!!

It’s the time of the year when they are giving out FREE BJ again! 21 April 2009, from 12 noon till 8pm. Mark your calendar. WOOHOO!!!

OK, I don’t know why am I so excited whenever they give out free BJ. I never go for free BJ. I don’t mind paying for a good BJ. I prefer to sit down and relax while having my BJ at a slow enjoyable pace. I don’t like to queue up for free BJ. The whole BJ experience is different.

Anyway, someone created a facebook event page just like last year.


Oh, here is a photo of the queue for free BJ last year. In case you are thinking of queuing up.

PS: BJ stands for Ben & Jerry.