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Power trip can damage fibre ONT

Had a power trip at home recently. OK, power trips are uncommon but they are usually non-events. All we need to do is to flip the switch back at the circuit breaker.

But this time round it was slightly different. The power trip damaged my fibre Optical Network Terminal (ONT). Tried restarting my ONT and router several times but there’s no lights on the PON (Passive Optical Network) indicator. Which means I have no internet at home. *horror*

Photo 6-10-15, 9 54 03 PM

PS: I hang my ONT on the wall to save space. Lol.

Well, luckily I managed to get the ONT changed the next day. Plug in the new ONT and peace was restored at home once again.

I’ve always heard that power trip might damage your electrical appliances. But this is the first time I encountered it personally. And totally didn’t expect my ONT to be affected. I thought things my iMac or NAS are more likely to be damaged by power trip.

Well, good thing it is just the ONT that was damaged. Got it replaced for free since I’m still under contract for my fibre plan. Let’s hope we don’t get power trip again.

Disclaimer: These are my own views and not representative of those of my employer.

Cheers to 35

Oh wow. Another year passed. Another year older. Here’s to 35!

Photo 3-10-15, 1 07 12 AM

I always say that I’m blessed with good bosses in my career. I also said that I’m lucky to have good health despite not taking good care of my body. Well, I guess luck will eventually run out if you live for 35 years. I fell sick for almost the entire June recently. Don’t remember ever being sick for so long. And as for work wise, let’s just say I’m trying to transfer department ever since we got a new boss.

Well, I also always say that one day I might get knock down by a car suddenly and stay in hospital. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen. Maybe I should stop cursing myself. But I did say that one day I might win the Toto $5 million grand prize alone. So let’s hope that happen really soon. Lol.

Anyway, things will happen if it wants to happen. Not everything is in our control. So give me coffee to change things that I can and wine (or beer) to accept the things that I can’t.

I’ve voted

I’ve voted.

Photo 11-9-15 4 24 53 pm

This is the 2nd time I’m voting (3rd if you count the 2011 Presidential Election).

It was a smooth process. I choose to go at around 4pm to avoid the lunch and dinner crowd. When I reached the polling station, which is just a short 3 minutes walk from my house, there was no other voters. Yeap. No queue at all.

Thank you to all those on duty today and making it possible for Singaporean to vote.

Now let’s wait for the results tonight. Hope that everyone will respect the voters’ decision.


Been listening to a lot of Retro musics lately. Don’t know why.

When you have an intern in office, chatting with them makes you feels really old. Comparing their school days experience with your school days experience makes you realise that you are era apart. That it was almost 2 decades ago when you first started drinking and went clubbing.

I still remember being 20 and unable to enter a club that have minimum age requirements of 23. I remember swearing that I will go to that club when I’m 23. And when I reach 23, the club had already closed down. Lol.

A lot of these memories seems like it just happened a few years ago. Then suddenly I realised that these memories were actually more than 10 years already. Time really flies when you are not paying attention.

Was browsing YouTube when I stumble upon a video teaching people how to do the Mambo handsign dance move. The video brought back lots of memories. Memories of the days before entering National Service when I hang out at Venom with a group of friends on Thursday night. It was Retro Night and yes, I used to remember how to do those handsign for popular retro songs. Those were the days.

And I remember going to a rather empty pub with a few friends during my poly days. There was another group of customers in their 40s and 50s. I remember that night because they keep asking the DJ to play Forever Young by Alphaville. I can’t remember exactly how many times that song was played. But I guess at least 4 or 5 times that night. And they hit the dance floor and dance like we youngsters. Back then, we find it funny and amusing. Looking back, maybe that was their anthem. A song that they can really relate to.

And now, when I’m about to turn 35, I guess I can really relate to that song too.

So many adventures couldn’t happen today,
So many songs we forgot to play,
So many dreams swinging out of the blue,
We’ll let them come true.

So they say I didn’t follow the Facebook’s Community Standards

Warning: Ranting ahead.

Yesterday I received a notice from Facebook when I tried access the app on my iPhone. Apparently, a post of mine was removed because it doesn’t follow the Facebook Community Standards.


It was something that I posted many months ago. In fact, I don’t even remember where did I post that comment until I used Google Cache to search for it. It was actually a comment that I left on Straits Times Facebook page regarding the heckling at Hong Lim Park. According to Google Cache, that comment received more than 100 Likes.


I don’t understand. Why was my comment deleted? Which Facebook Community Standards did I not follow? The notice from Facebook wasn’t clear. It just said I didn’t follow their Community Standards. As far as I can see, there is nothing wrong with my comments.

And here’s my issue with Facebook’s Community Team. There is no avenue for us to dispute their decision. I personally feel that there is nothing wrong with my comment and it shouldn’t be deleted. By deleting my comment, Facebook is denying my freedom of speech. But there is no way that I can contact Facebook’s Community Team. It’s as if their say is final and we have to accept all their decision, whether right or wrong.

And if Facebook’s Community Team is really doing their job, how come they didn’t take any action on The Real Singapore earlier? What about sites like STOMP? What is their stand on these Facebook page that are promoting hate? You mean they are not going against Facebook’s Community Standards?

What exactly is Facebook Community Standards anyway? I see so many things that are not following their standards everyday yet no action was taken. My comment clearly didn’t go against their standard and was deleted from Facebook. What nonsense is this?


And to make things worse, after deleting my comment, Facebook logs me out of every single application that uses Facebook login. At first I thought they just log me out of the Facebook and Messenger app on my iPhone. So I just re-login to those app. Then I discovered that they also log me out on desktop. OK, fine. I’ll just login again.

To my horror, they even log me out of all other apps that uses Facebook login. I have to re-login my Spotify app. Then I have a few games on my iPhone that is linked to Facebook which I need to re-login again. Even Tinder needs to re-login. Basically for the whole yesterday, I’ve been re-logging in to all the apps that uses Facebook login.

Which makes me realise something. I am depending too much on Facebook. What if Facebook decides to ban me one day for another stupid “not following Facebook Community Standards” reasoning? Will I still be able to use Spotify which I paid monthly subscription? Will I still be able to play my iPhone games? Will I still be able to chat with girls I got matched on Tinder?

Perhaps this is a good reminder to me and everyone. We are relying too much on Facebook. To the extend that if one day they decide to abuse their power, we have no avenue to seek redress. I think it is time for me to de-link all non-Facebook app from using Facebook login. So at least next time if Facebook decide to delete another of my post, I won’t need to go through the trouble of re-logging in to every freaking apps I have.