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Do not design the national costume for Miss Universe Singapore

Here’s my tip to all fashion designers out there: Do not design the national costume for Miss Universe Singapore. You may think that it is an honour to design the national costume that Miss Universe Singapore will be wearing for the beauty pageant. You are wrong.

Firstly, Singapore does not have a national costume. Unlike countries like Japan or Netherlands where they have their own national costume, we Singapore don’t have one. We are a multi racial country. Every race have their own traditional costume. However, you can’t take the traditional costume of one race and use it. The other races will complain that you are being bias and not promoting racial harmony.

And don’t think about combining elements of several traditional costume for Singapore’s national costume. Most of the time it will look weird.

So what can you do if you are asked to design the national costume for Miss Universe Singapore? Well, take some elements that represents Singapore and design a dress. Here’s the national costume for Miss Universe Singapore 2015.


If you do a search on Social Media now, you will see lots of criticism about the design. I’m actually waiting for some smart aleck “fashion designer” to come up with his “better” design. Well, if you are so good at designing national costume for Singapore, then why didn’t you step forward earlier?

In fact, I don’t remember a time when Singaporeans actually praise the Miss Universe Singapore national costume design. You know why? Because it is tough to please Singaporeans.

So if anyone ask you to design the national costume for Miss Universe Singapore, run! Run as far as you can and don’t look back. There’s no honour in doing it. Your months of hard work and effort will go down the drain no matter what you do.

Sony Collects 11,700 Books for South African Children

As part of its annual South Africa Mobile Library Project, Sony announced that it has collected a total of 11,700 children’s books this year. The programme, started in 2008, is dedicated to help raise literacy levels for children living in South Africa.


This year’s donation saw the participation of 10 schools here in Singapore, where students from Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road), River Valley Primary School, and Saint Nicholas Girls’ School were not only placed in charge of the collection of books, but also had to learn how to efficiently sort out to books to cater to the different education levels over in South Africa.

In addition, this year’s project saw the introduction of new initiatives such as Book Review, where students could personalise their donated books with either a short summary or a personal message addressed to the book’s future readers.

The National Library Board also donated books this year as part of their continuous support towards the project’s cause.

The South Africa Mobile Library Project has to date collected more than 130,000 books through joint initiatives by Sony companies worldwide.

The total cost of “Twelve Days of Christmas” 2014

For the past 31 years, PNC Wealth Management measure the cost of Christmas by calculating the total cost of all the things in the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas”. This year, the total cost of Twelve Days of Christmas is $27,673.22, just $280.05 more than last year and the smallest
increase since 2002 when the index fell 7.6 percent.


Eight out of the 12 items in the index remained the same price as last year, but the Six Geese-A-Laying went up a whopping 71.4 percent. The only other increase of significance was the Partridge in a Pear Tree which increased 33.3 percent but is at a still reasonable $20.

To find out more, check out PNC Christmas Price Index website.

Some people should be banned from using the Internet

M1’s chairman, Mr Teo Soon Hoe, passed away last Sunday, 14 Dec. The news was reported by news outlets like Channel NewsAsia and Yahoo Singapore. While some netizens offer their condolences on the Facebook post, a few netizen use it to complain about M1 and ask if there’s any discount.





Seriously, some people should be banned from using the Internet.

Printing 3D object in Space

There is a 3D printer now in the International Space Station. The 3D printer was installed recently and has manufactured the first 3D printed object in space. This is great new for future long-term space expeditions. Replacement parts for repairs could be produced in space and astronauts need not rely on supplies from earth.

Pretty cool huh? If this works, future space expeditions just need to bring along a 3D printer and raw material. They can print out the stuff when they need it.