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Best of Super Bowl 2014 Advertisements

I don’t watch Super Bowl. But I’m always excited during this period because of the creative advertisements. Here are some of my favorites.

Kia – The Truth

I think the best advertisement this year has to be by Kia. Nobody can beat Morpheus singing Nessun Dorma. Way too epic.

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Saddleback Leather designer teach pirates how to knock off his bags

Check out this video by Saddleback Leather designer on how to knock off his luxury bag. No no no…. the designer haven’t gone bonkers yet. In fact, this is a great marketing video to tell people why they should buy the original product.

Well played…

A bra that only unhook if she’s “in love”

Japanese lingerie maker Ravijour has developed a bra that unhook itself when the wearer is “in love” as part of its 10th year anniversary.

The bra contains a heart-rate sensor and sends the data it collects, via Bluetooth, to a app on a Smartphone. The app analyse the data to determine if the wearer is “in love”. If the wearer is “in love”, the bra will unhook itself.


Unfortunately, the bra is not for sale yet. But hey, this looks like some cool high tech bedroom toy.

The only thing that is missing here is Achievement Badges for people who successfully unhook the bra. Haha. Just kidding.

Twitter powered vending machine

OK, I’m a bit the slow here. Back in December, a Canadian telecommunication company, Telus, setup a vending machine filled with cute little panda soft toys.

A vending machine with soft toys isn’t uncommon. But this vending machine does not accept cash. It gives away the panda soft toy in exchange for a tweet containing the hashtag #HomeTweetHome. Over 6 days, the vending machine dispensed 3000 panda soft toy. The telco also gave $1 to WWF Canada for every tweet posted.

Cool idea huh?

Norman Reedus from The Walking Dead gets zombie pranked

Nick Santonastasso was born with Hanhart syndrome, a rare genetic disorder. He has only one arm and no legs but he still got one wicked sense of humor. Nick, being a huge fan of The Walking Dead, would sometimes zombie pranked people in a grocery store and upload them on Vine.

The Walking Dead crew saw the Vine video and decided to invite him over to prank Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon). As part of Fox International’s new social media campaign “#getFOXed, Nick was flown out to Tokyo, given professional zombie makeup by The Walking Dead effects experts and put in a room with Norman. Check out the video.

Great prank. The expression on Norman’s face, priceless. They should do this often with other members of The Walking Dead.


The Walking Dead Season 4 returns to FOX Movies Premium (SingTel mio TV Ch. 414 and StarHub TV Ch. 622) on 10 Feb 2014, 11:30am (right after its US broadcast) and 8.10pm same-day encore telecast.