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25th anniversary of Firewall

Firewall recently celebrated its 25th birthday. The first firewall was created in 1991 to combat computer viruses and Internet worms. Over the years, as attacks and malware have become more sophisticated, the firewall has had to develop and grow with each security breach that has been discovered.

However, it was not until 2003 that the concept of a Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) would be introduced. A mere 10 years after the conceptualization of NGFW, McAfee was already ahead of the competition with their own NGFW development efforts.

For McAfee, its solution combines anti-evasion security with enterprise-scale availability and manageability. In addition, it is also flexible – with the ability to change from a NGFW to a L2 firewall, IPS, and firewall/VPN.

history of the firewall infographic_FINAL

Ingress now on iOS

The highly popular mobile augmented reality game Ingress is now available on iOS. Woohoo! For the longest time, Android users have been enjoying the game while iOS users look with envy. Not any more.

Photo 14-7-14 7 52 25 pm

In Ingress, players join one of the two factions, either Resistance or Enlightened, to collect “Exotic Matter” and gain control of “Portals” which are typically associated with public landmarks.

If you can’t find me for the next few weeks or months, I should be out playing Ingress.

Singapore YouthSpark Kids Camp @ Microsoft

Microsoft hosted 480 kids and parents at its Singapore office last weekend, giving them a fun introduction to the latest technology, smart photo taking and even making their own games at the first ever Singapore YouthSpark Kids Camp @ Microsoft.

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Hands-on activities were led by Microsoft volunteers to guide participants, between the ages of five to thirteen, through a range of technological activities. They not only saw the latest technology, and also took their first steps towards building their own programs through’s Hour of Code challenge and Microsoft Kodu Game Lab, which lets kids create games on the PC and Xbox via a simple visual programming language. The young participants programmed and played games that they have created on their own with the smart game coding track. In the smart photo taking activity, the kids first discovered how they can make photos pop with new tricks for capturing, editing and sharing photos from the phone and took it a step further by building interactive worlds with photos through the Photosynth app.

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Computational thinking is a critical skill set. Experts suggest that at least two-thirds of future jobs do not exist today and may likely require this ability. Introducing coding to Singaporeans, who in a recent LinkedIn survey ranked technology as one of the top industries they are interested in, helps groom our future technology professionals.

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Part of Microsoft’s YouthSpark global commitment to empower youth, the YouthSpark Kids Camp @ Microsoft builds on the coding momentum started with the #WeSpeakCode campaign earlier this year. #WeSpeakCode seeks to make “Code – the official Second Language of Asia Pacific” and has been supported by stars such as Stefanie Sun and Eunice Olsen. It provides a taste of what coding is, demonstrates how accessible learning coding can be, and celebrates all the professional coders across the region.

No vulnerability in SingPass system

Communication and Information Minister Yaacob Ibrahim said in Parliament today that there is no vulnerability in the SingPass system. The recent SingPass breach could have been through other means such as users having very simple passwords that are easily guessed by cyber criminals or malware in users’ computers that capture keystrokes.

Going forward, the MCI will work with the Finance Ministry and the IDA to further enhance security measures including introducing two-factor authentication (2FA). SingPass is also implementing a system to allow users to define their own user names instead of the default NRIC or FIN number.

The Government is also looking at possibly mandating more frequent password changes for SingPass accounts, although this might result in a slight increase in cases in which users who forget their passwords are unable to access certain Government e-services.

For better protection, SingPass advise all users to update their anti-virus software and use a strong passwords that are alphanumeric with 8-24 characters, preferably with caps and symbols.

Or you can take XKCD’s advise for a strong password.


Samsung Dream Exchange

Samsung wants to turn your dream into reality. Through the Samsung Dream Exchange campaign, Samsung Singapore is asking all Singaporeans and PRs to tell them their dream and the Samsung product which can help to fulfill it. Samsung will be enabling 50 of these dreams to take a step to becoming reality by gifting these selected winners with the Samsung product of their choice.


To take part in the Samsung Dream Exchange, simply log on to the microsite with a valid Facebook or Twitter account from 1 July to 8 August 2014. State the dream in 125 characters and specify the Samsung product which can help to fulfill it, using the #DreamExchange hashtag.