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Group Direct Message coming to Twitter soon

I seldom use the Direct Message feature of Twitter. Maybe because a lot of instant messaging features are missing on the DM function. Well, Twitter recently announced that it will be adding Group Direct Message soon. This means that instead of just DM-ing to one person, you can DM to multiple people at the same time. It’s like creating a private group chat.

OK, this feature is already available in almost all instant message apps like Facebook Chat, WhatsApp etc etc. Twitter is kinda late in the game. Let’s see if this new feature will encourage more users to use the DM function.

The group DM feature will be rolling out to all users over the next few days.

COI+ LEGO Power Brick

All LEGO fans are going to love this. A 4200mAh LEGO Power Brick.


The COI+ LEGO Power Brick comes with some LEGO bricks so that you can build anything you want on the power brick. One of the best thing to build is actually a smartphone stand so that you can watch movie while your phone is charging. Cool huh? Works great too if you have a few Minifig lying around.


The only thing that I don’t like about the COI+ LEGO Power Brick is that it only have 1 USB port. At 4200mAh, I would expect at least 2 USB port so that I can charge more than 1 device at the same time. Nevertheless, this is still a cool power brick. Comes in Red, Yellow, Blue and White colour.


Beware of phishing emails

Received this email recently and for a moment I thought my PayPal account really got issue. Even the URL looks real if you aren’t observant.


The URL does looks like it is from PayPal. But it isn’t. Look again. It is actually The domain is actually This is not the first time I’ve received such phishing email. But I think its always good to remind everyone to be careful and not fall for it.

Remember to look carefully at the URL before clicking. Or to be safe, open your web browser and type out the URL yourself.

Hope nobody fell for this phishing website.

Samsung GALAXY A3 4G now in Platinum Silver and Champagne Gold

Good news for fans of Silver and Gold colour phones. Samsung GALAXY A3 4G is now available in Platinum Silver and Champagne Gold.


The GALAXY A3 G4 is already available in Pearl White and Midnight Black. Samsung is now giving consumer more options with the launch of Platinum Silver and Champagne Gold colours.


The GALAXY A3 4G is Samsung’s slimmest and first full metal unibody designs in the market today. Comes with SUPER AMOLED display and Adaptive Display technology to give you clearer images with deeper contrasts. It also has a smart selfie feature with real-time Beauty Face coupled with convenient palm and voice capture.

The Samsung GALAXY A3 4G will retail in Singapore at S$448 without contract. Samsung is now having a promotion. Consumers who purchase the GALAXY A3 4G will receive a free Samsung Level Box mini in Silver worth $168 while stocks last.

Stop Facebook Freebooting

Every since Facebook start auto-playing video and priorities videos uploaded directly onto Facebook, there has been an increase in people who rip videos from YouTube and upload to their own Facebook page.

I’m disgusted by this. I’m sick and tired of seeing my favourite YouTuber’s video being ripped and uploaded to Facebook. This is a clear copyright violation. These unethical Facebook page owners are denying the YouTuber from the ad revenue they deserved. They don’t even credit the original content creator.

Facebook is not doing enough to stop this. The process to report copyright material is slow and there is no additional actions taken against repeat offenders.

I cannot say this better than Destin from SmarterEveryDay. Check out the video.

And since Facebook is not doing enough to stop Facebook Freebooting, we need to do something. If you see any video ripped from YouTube, do a screenshot, comment on the post and contact the original video creator. Let’s hope we can bring a stop to Facebook Freebooting.

And hey, if you haven’t subscribed to SmarterEveryDay on YouTube, you should do that now. One of the most educational and entertaining YouTube channel out there.