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Manage multiple accounts on Instagram app

Finally, a feature that many Instagram users were begging for. Instagram now allows you to manage multiple accounts from the Instagram app. This new feature is great for those who have multiple Instagram accounts and social media manager who manages their company’s Instagram account.

To do this, simply go to Options, Add Account and login to the other account.

Photo 9-2-16, 1 45 02 PM

Once you logged in to the other account, you will have the option to switch between accounts by tapping on your Instagram handle at the top and select the account that you want to use.

Photo 9-2-16, 1 45 43 PM

Most Instagram users should be getting the multiple accounts feature now. Make sure you are using Instagram version 7.15 and above. Have fun. Just remember to be careful and don’t post on the wrong account.

Google on hiring spree in Singapore

Good news if you are a software engineer. Google is on a hiring spree in Singapore for its Singapore engineering hub.

The planned Singapore engineering hub will be the latest hub after Hyderabad, Sydney and Mountain View. The aim of the Singapore engineering hub is to support the company’s goal of reaching the next billion Internet users.

The Singapore engineering hub will initially focus on software development on the Google Android OS. They will also work on next gen technologies such as mobile data management, local communities, payment and commerce. These product and services are intended for emerging markets like India, Indonesia, Philippines and Brazil.

So check out the Google Singapore career page if you are interested.

Facebook will roll out Facebook Reactions globally in a few weeks time

After several months of testing Facebook Reactions in Ireland and Spain, Facebook Chief Product Manager Chris Cox said in an interview with Bloomberg that the feature will roll out globally in a few weeks time.


The Facebook Reactions is a set of emoji displayed as a drop-down menu below the usual Like Button and will be available both on Pages and User Profiles. There will be 5 emoji: Angry, Sad, Wow, Haha and Love. Yay was dropped because it was not universally understood.

And no, there is no Dislike emoji.

The Facebook Reactions will roll out globally in a few weeks time. Personally, I couldn’t find a Facebook Reactions emoji that reflects my reaction to this news. Not really a fan of this. Prefer the simplicity of a Like button.

GoPro going live on Periscope

Good news to all GoPro HERO 4 users. You can now live stream the video from your GoPro directly to Periscope via an iPhone.


Simply connect your iPhone to GoPro WiFi and make sure it is on video mode. Open the Periscope app on your iPhone and tap the broadcast button. A GoPro button will automatically be highlighted. Just give your broadcast a title and you are good to go.

Once you are live, you can double tap to switch between your GoPro and iPhone camera. There’s also a new button that locks your iPhone screen so that you won’t accidentally press anything while your iPhone is in your pocket.

This news came just in time. Periscope just recently announced that it can broadcast in Twitter timelines. All I need now is find a mountain with great 4G connection and live stream myself snow skiing with a GoPro.

Hyatt payment system hit by malware, Credit Cards details stolen

If you been to Hyatt Hotel last year, you might want to monitor your Credit Card charges. The Hotel Chain’s payment system was hit by malware designed to collect payment card data.

According to a press release issued by Hyatt, cardholder name, card number, expiration date and internal verification code from cards used onsite were stolen. No indication of other customer information was affected.

You can check the list of affected location and at risk date here. 250 Hyatt-managed locations in about 50 countries were affected. The unauthorised access to Credit Cards data were primarily at restaurants while a small percentage were at spas, golf shops, parking and front desks.


Unfortunately, Grand Hyatt Singapore is one of the affected location. If you used your Credit Cards at Grand Hyatt Singapore between 13 August to 8 December 2015, you might want to monitor your credit card charges.