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OCBC OneTouch now available on Android

OCBC Bank was the first in Singapore to launch a banking app that allow customers instant fingerprint access to view their balances and transaction histories across their bank accounts, credit cards and investments.

OCBC OneTouch Android 1

But that’s just for iPhone users. Well, OCBC has extended the OneTouch feature to the Android version of OCBC Mobile Banking app, becoming the first bank in Singapore to offer a banking app with a fingerprint authentication feature for smartphones running on the Android operating system. Customers who own supported phone models can now access to their balances for all their banking accounts, credit cards and investments, as well as credit card details such as rewards, due dates and credit limits using their fingerprint.


The OCBC Mobile Banking Android app is available for download for free on the Google Play Store. Customers can enjoy the OneTouch function on the following Samsung Galaxy models running on the Android 4.4 KitKat operating system or newer: S5 series, S6 series, S7 series, A5, A7, A8, Note 4, Note 5, Note Edge and Alpha.

Instagram has began messing up your timeline

Bad news to Instagram users in Singapore, New Zealand, Finland, Ireland, the Netherlands and Venezuela. Instagram is now showing you a curated timeline instead of the usual chronological order.

Instagram announced a few weeks ago that on average, a user miss 70 percent of the post on their feeds. So in order to “improve” your experience, Instagram will change the order of your feed to show the moments that they believe you will care about the most.

As usual, that cause a big hoo-ha on social media and many Instagram accounts were urging their followers to turn on notifications for their accounts so that they won’t miss a post. Instagram had to quickly clarify that they are only doing testing on a small selected group of users.

Hmmm….. unfortunately they have chosen Singapore as one of the guinea pigs.

It’s been more than 24 hours since Instagram turned on the curated feed for my Instagram account and I must say that the experience is horrible. Maybe I’m resistant to changes. I’m used to seeing the latest photo on my feed. But with the new change, the first image I see might be something posted a few hours ago. The feed is no longer in chronological order. You can get a post from 2 hours ago follow by a post from 40 minutes ago.

Maybe it takes a while for Instagram to understand my preference. But right now my newsfeed suck big time. I keep asking why is Instagram showing this and that? And to make things worst, refreshing the feed doesn’t do anything. You’ll still get the same picture even if someone posted something new.

So yes, if Instagram is using us for testing, here’s my feedback. It’s horrible. Give us back our chronological order feed. If you really care about users missing out on “moments we will care about the most”, then put it on another tab. Give users the option of viewing Instagram in chronological order and curated order.

UNLESS the move to curated feed is simply to make accounts pay for advertisement so that their post will show up more and not improving user experience. Then I’ll say that changing to a curated feed is a good move.

Limited edition Pringles Party Speakers

Pringles is giving away a limited edition Party Speaker with ever 3 cans of 150gm Pringles purchased.


The Party Speaker connects easily to your smartphone, MP3 player or laptop via the cable provided. If you have more than one speakers, you can interconnect them to amplify the sound. The speaker can also attach easily to the top of a Pringles can to produce a nicer bass.

The limited edition Pringles Party Speakers is available for a limited period from now till 15 May 2015 (or till stock last). There are 5,000 speakers available islandwide. Simply purchase 3 specially marked 150gm Pringles cans, visit Pringles website and key in the unique code under the Pringles Cans membrane. The Pringles Party Speaker will be delivered to your doorstep free-of-charge within 60 days.

Oh, and remember to keep your Pringles can to use with the Party Speaker. Have fun!

Mi Fan Festival 2016

It’s the Mi Fan Festival again. 6th April is Xiaomi’s birthday and they have been celebrating it with great deals and discount for the fans.


This year, Xiaomi will be having the first sale of Redmi Note 3 at 12pm. The Mi Band Pulse and 20000 mAh Mi Power Bank will also be available for the first time this Mi Fan Festival. There will also be Mi phone deals, cash and products coupons and Mi item discounts.

For more details of the deals, visit Xiaomi Facebook page.

Funan Challenger closing sale

In case you haven’t hear about it, Funan DigitaLife Mall will be closed for 3 years from the third quarter of 2016 for a major redevelopment.

Funan Challenger is now having a closing sale. From now till 30 June 2016, save up to 80%on selected products.


Don’t worry. Challenger is still around with many stores island wide. But its just a bit sad to see Funan Challenger go away. Still remember they used to open 24 hours a day.