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Logitech M238 Wireless Mouse 2016 Party Collection

Logitech just released a bunch of beautiful wireless mouse. The Logitech M238 Wireless Mouse 2016 Party Collection come in funky prints and quirky designs that express individual energy and style.


The best part is that the battery life can last up to 12 months.

The Logitech M238 Wireless Mouse is now available at $29. Comes with 1-year limited hardware warranty.

OCBC release API

OCBC just released some APIs to allow developers to write program to make use of the bank’s data such as branch or ATM locator.


Another useful API is the currency exchange rates. You can find out more about the APIs here.

These APIs will allow developers to write programs without worrying about the data. For example, a Map application developer can simply use the API to provide OCBC branch and ATM location.

Currently there are only 4 APIs available. Hope OCBC will release more soon. It will be great if the bank is allowed to release API to login to the internet backing and check account balance or fund transfer.

Asia’s first Apple Pay vending machine

If you are at Ion Orchard, check out Asia’s first Apple Pay vending machine at B1.

Photo 12-5-16, 9 46 54 PM

Right now its just selling some chips and water. But who knows, this might be the future for all vending machines. Maybe we can use Apple Pay to pay for other things in vending machines next time.

World Password Day 2016

Today is World Password Day. Happening on the first Thursday of May every year, World Password Day is a celebration to promote better password habits.

One good password habit is to change your password every now and then. Yeap, if you are free, you should spend some time today to change all your passwords. And make sure you don’t reuse them for all the accounts you have.

Few weeks ago, I was attending a talk on cybersecurity. The speaker told us that a good password should be at least 8 characters long, contains upper and lower case, alphanumeric and special characters. I hope he didn’t notice my eyes rolling.

I’m surprised that even a IT security expert falls for this myth. Everyone thought that this is a good password practice. It is not. I think XKCD can explain it better than anyone.


In short, a good password is a long password that you can easily remember. Password with 4 random words that doesn’t make any sense together is a much stronger password than password with upper/lower case, special characters and numbers. And it is much easier to remember too.

GP x Smiley Special Edition PowerBank

Here’s a cute looking PowerBank by GP.


Don’t worry if your device go out of juice. Be happy.

The GP x Smiley Special Edition PowerBank comes in 6 different version of Smiley face including “Smiley face, illusion, sunglasses, heart eye and yummy face”.


Each PowerBank weighs 135g and has a capacity of 5,200mAh. That’s enough to charge most smartphones at least twice.

GP x Smiley Special Edition PowerBank retails at S$49 and is available at Challenger, Best Denki, Caltex, Courts, Harvey Norman and Popular.