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Astraware freebies


Astraware is giving out some free games for PalmOS.

Ok, from the list, only Bang Bang seems interesting.

Noah Pro and Thesaurus


I don’t know if this is a good news or bad news.

The creator of Noah Pro and Thesaurus has closed down its business. For those uninitiated, Noah Pro is a dictionary for Palm OS. This means that there will be no more developement for this great software.

But the creator has decided to give out the software for free. You can download it here if you have a Palm OS device.

Welcome all IMF/World Bank Delegates


Singapore is playing host to IMF meeting this year. Quite a big hoo-ah event. The govt really going all out to impress the delegates from around the world. OK, there are a bit of inconvenience. Esp the road closure. Its going to be a big pain in the ass for those who drive to Suntec area.

But the IMF meeting does have a lot of advantages to Singaporeans. It creates jobs. It attracts 16000 delegates from around the world to Singapore to eat, drink and shop.

And because of the IMF meeting, some roads have been smoothen. Esp the expressway between Changi Airport to Suntec. Its the road that all the delegates need to use. And extra effort has been made for the past few months to ensure the roads in tip top condition. Try driving along ECP this few days if you are free. I did that yesterday and was surprised that the whole road look so new. As if it is a new expressway. They also repainted the flyovers and CTE tunnel. The whole place look so new now.

And if you are around suntec area, remember to go to the overhead bridge between Suntec and Citylink. They planted a lot of flowers there. Never in my life have I seen so much flowers along the roads of Singapore. Never. Its nice to have those flowers around. The place look alot nicer. There are sunflowers too. Wanted to take a picture, but I’m afraid the police patrolling nearby might question me.

Oh, I’m now at Millenia Walk using the free WIFI. Yeap. Its call Wireless@SG. This WIFI network will be free for all to use for the month of sept. Cool huh? Without the IMF meeting, we won’t have this at all.

I guess we are already seeing the benifits of the IMF meeting even before the meeting start. Thanks to the wayang-ness of our govt.

Hello, IMF and World Bank Delegates. Welcome to Singapore. Please come more often. Maybe every year.
Oh ya, I don’t mind smiling for free WIFI. :D

Stereotyping guys with soccer

Whenever I tell someone that I don’t really watch soccer, they gave me a shock expression. Most people will assume that all guys watch soccer, support at least 1 soccer club and can talk about soccer 24/7.

Well, I don’t. And I know some guys who doesn’t too.
Are guys being sterotyped? I think so.

And the sterotyping is getting from bad to worst. The media is now sterotyping guys by saying that they will dump their wife/gf over world cup. And soccer is the most important thing in life. There is even a new term for gf/wife who were neglected during the world cup. They are call soccer widow.

Come on lah. Got that serious meh?

Anyway, I don’t really watch much soccer. But then, its the world cup. Maybe I’ll find a few friends to go pub for a drink and watch a match. Its more for the mood and get together rather than soccer.

Oh ya. If you have a PalmOS PDA, you can try downloading this program that helps keep track of matches and scores. Cool huh?

Living with Palm TX

Okie, I know I’m going to write alot about my new toy. So I’ve created a new blog for it.

Living with Palm TX