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Beware of fake SingPass website

It seems like more and more hackers are targeting SingPass recently. IDA recently warned users that there is a website called The website is not related to SingPass.


The website has been taken down.

If you have entered your SingPass ID and Password on that site, please change your password immediately. As always, check the URL and SSL cert before entering your SingPass ID and Password.

I’m actually surprised that SGNIC allowed someone to register that domain name. SingaPass and SingPass are too close for comfort.

Beware of Singpass phishing email

IDA just issued a warning on its Facebook page regarding a phishing email that is going around.

Some Singpass users have received a phishing email titled “SingPass account security info verification” from “SingPass Government []”. The email said that their SingPass PINs have been suspended and ask the recipient to click on a link to confirm their email address.

That email is not from SingPass. It is a phishing email. Do not click on the link if you received such email. The link most likely points you to a phishing website. Simply delete it and contact SingPass at

Check out SingPass website for more security tips.

Apple recalls all Beats Pill XL Speakers

Apple just announced a voluntary recall of Beats Pill XL speakers, including a refund for customers. According to Apple, in some rare cases, the battery in the Beats Pill XL may overheat and pose a fire safety risk.



Apple is asking customers to stop using their Beats Pill XL speakers. Customers who purchased a Beats Pill XL speaker should visit for details about how to return their product to Apple, and how to receive an Apple Store credit or electronic payment of S$490 inc. GST.

The Beats Pill XL can be identified by the Beats “b” logo on the speaker grille and the words “beats pill XL” on the handle. The product is sold in five colours: black, metallic sky, pink, titanium and white. The Beats Pill XL was introduced by Beats by Dre in November 2013. Apple acquired Beats in 2014.

This recall does not affect any other Beats or Apple products.

Beware of “Apple Reward Center” scam

My sister spotted this scam recently while using an app on her iPhone. The ad on the app said there is a message for her. When she clicked on the ad, it directs her to a website like this.

Photo 9-4-15 12 47 29 am

There is no such thing as Apple Reward Center. This is a scam to collect your personal data. If you see something like this, just close your browser. Do not provide them with your details. Apple won’t be so generous to give away an iPad every week. If they do, it will be all over the news.

And they will definitely do it at Not some doggy website. You have been warned.

Beware of fake Uber

Saw this posting on Facebook and decide to share with everyone.


Beware guys, do not aboard this “private taxi”

On 1st of March 2015, i was with my family (wife, 3 years old daughter & a newborn son) trying to hail a taxi at beach road area when this particular car stop by. The man in a car approached me & asked where am i going. So i told him i’m heading to woodlands. Immediately, He told me to aboard. I thought it was some private taxi as when i aboard, he used some iphone apps to record the meter fare. He then explain his from uber company & told us to search the net if we dont believe after that he then told us the meter fare was $3.90 upon boarding & $0.70 per km. He asked us if we’re fine with it. He claim that they(uber company) is slightly more expensive than normal taxi. But while i was trying to do some research about this company to roughly know how much we need to pay. In less than 30 mins of ride, i saw his meter shoot up to $50++. We were already on the highway. So i told him to alight us nearby where he can stop. Instead he stopped at some ulu destination around yio chu kang & told us to paid $97. Its less than 3 mins, the meter fare increase $40++. When i asked him why is the fare so expensive, he claimed that he did inform us that it $8/km. Who on earth will be so stupid, to allow someone to charge at $8/km. I didnt want to put my wife & kids in any danger as i’m afraid if i confront him longer & not pay him, he might do anything to harm them, i had no choice but to pay him the $97.

Please help to share around & create awareness to avoid anymore people being scam.

– – – – –

Firstly, I don’t think this driver is from Uber. UberX and UberExec drivers aren’t allow to pick up passengers by the road. They can only pick up passengers who booked for a Uber through the App. Without a valid booking, Uber drivers can’t start the charging meter. So this can’t be an Uber driver.

The rates is also wrong. UberX’s base fare is $3.50 and $0.50 per km. UberExec’s base fare is $7 and $1.95 per km. There’s nothing from Uber that charges base fare $3.90 and $0.70 per km.

Most importantly, Uber drivers aren’t allowed to pick up customers without booking.

So do be careful. Do not board this so called “private taxi”. All Taxi in Singapore uses a Taxi meter. Uber only pick up passengers via their app.

Update: The Land Transport Authority (LTA) had impounded the vehicle. The driver may face possible fines, imprisonment and forfeiture of the vehicle if he is found guilty of breaking the Road Traffic Act.