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Apple event on 9 September

Apple just send out media invites for 9 September, 10am press event at Bill Graham auditorium in San Francisco, California. (10 September, 1am Singapore time)


Asking Siri for hints will only give you funny responses.


Anyway, Apple will most likely be announcing the next iPhone. Will there be more products or services announcement? Well, we will find out on 9 September.

Samsung to unveil GALAXY S6 on 1 March

Samsung is having an GALAXY Unpacked 2015 event on 1 March 2015. The event is most likely for the unveiling of Samsung’s flagship phone, the Samsung GALAXY S6.


There’s lots of rumours going around about the next Samsung flagship phone. The most interesting rumour is that there will be a curved glass version called GALAXY S Edge.

Well, we will find out on 1 March.

Samsung Unpacked 5

Samsung is having an event at Mobile World Congress in around 3 hours time. We are expecting Samsung to unveil their new flagship GALAXY S series phone. Going by their standard naming convention, it should be called Samsung GALAXY S5. Rumors say that it is going to be a 5.0 inch 1080p resolution screen with 4K video recording and fingerprint sensor. We shall find out in a few hours time.


The Unpacked event will be happening later at 3am Singapore time. Don’t think I can stay up to watch. I guess I’ll catch the summary when I wake up tomorrow. If you can’t sleep, do check out the live streaming on YouTube.

Twitter testing a major profile redesign

It seems like Twitter is testing a major redesign to the profile page. Mashable assistant features editor Matt Petronzio notice the changes to his profile page on Tuesday. The profile picture and bio is now on the left side with a lot more space dedicated to the header photo.

Perhaps the biggest change is the timeline. There will be no more vertical timeline and the new design seems to give more focus on photos and content cards.


It is not uncommon for major Social Network site like Twitter to quietly roll out new features and design to a small group of users before tweaking and rolling out to the rest of the users.

While the new redesign looks great, I wish Twitter won’t remove the vertical timeline. Timeline are meant to be displayed in a vertical manner. And I’m also not a huge fan of giving more focus to photos. I still prefer the simplicity of 140 characters. Let’s hope this is not the final version that Twitter roll out to all users.


Rumor: Sony QX100 and QX10 attachable lenses

We all know that Sony will be announcing some attachable lenses for smartphone later today at their press conference. Well, someone just leaked the video for the Sony QX100 and QX10 attachable lenses.

Looks real. If this is true, then the rumored QX100 attachable len will have the same sensor as the Sony RX100 II. Cool!

I guess the attachable lenses will support both Android and iPhone. (Finger crossed) After all, this is just the RX100 II without any LCD screen. The RX100 II has WIFI remote feature which support both Android and iOS.

Sony is expected to announce the Sony QX100 and QX10 attachable lenses tonight at 11pm Singapore time. I’m excited. Now shut up and take my money!