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How to create WeChat Official Account?

It is surprisingly easy to create a WeChat Official Account.

All you need to do is visit to register for an official account. The process is free and has no associated registration cost.


WeChat has not authorised any agency as the official OA registration partner and all applications can be made via the website.

The dress that got the whole internet talking

If you were online yesterday, chances are you were involved in the great dress debate. Is the dress Blue and Black or White and Gold?


Some people see it as White and Gold while others see it as Blue and Black. The results are so divided that there was a huge debate on all social networking site yesterday.

I swear it was White and Gold initially when I saw the photo. But later that day, when I look at the same exact photo again, it appears Blue and Black. Freaky. But I was told that I’m not the only person experiencing that. Some people do see it as White and Gold but later see it as Blue and Black.

Well, it is actually Blue and Black. The reason why some people see it as White and Gold while others see it as Blue and Black is due to a condition call colour constancy. It is a feature of the human colour perception system which ensures that the perceived color of objects remains relatively constant under varying illumination conditions. Take this image for example. Although A appear to be darker than B, actually both of them are the same shade of grey.


But regardless if you see the dress as White and Gold or Blue and Black, one thing we can all agree on is that this is a very badly taken photo.

Oscars on Twitter

The 87th Academy Awards that took place this morning Singapore time saw a vast array of actors and makers celebrating their year of filmmaking together with the rest of the world on Twitter.

The award show was filled with moments of laughter, triumph and reflection as host Neil Patrick Harris (@ActuallyNPH), top performers and A-list talent took the stage.

The largest spikes in conversation, measured in Tweets per minutes (TPM) includes Lady Gaga’s Sound of Music performance together with Julie Andrews, Alejandro Iñárritu winning the Best Picture for “Birdman” and Patty Arquette’s acceptance speech for winning Best Supporting Actress.

Throughout the evening, film fans turned to Twitter to convey their passions and share real-time reactions. The most Tweeted-about nominees/performers were @LadyGaga, @PattyArquette and @JohnLegend.

The movies that got the most mentions on Twitter are Birdman, The Grand Budapest Hotel and Boyhood.

Twitter once again proved to be a great social media platform for live event with people around the world Tweeting about the Oscars as it was happening. Check out the heat map showing the #Oscars conversation happening across the world.


To find out more about what everyone is tweeting about the Oscars, check out the 2015 #Oscars Twitter custom timeline.

Safer Internet Day

Today is Safer Internet Day. Singapore join over 100 countries around the world to commemorate Safer Internet Day which falls on second Tuesday of February each year. There cannot be a better time to talk about a safer internet.

Just last week, famous local blogger Xiaxue applied for a Protection Order Against SMRT Ltd (Feedback). I know some people might say that Xiaxue herself is also a cyberbully. But does it really matter. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. Perhaps Safer Internet Day is a good time to remind everyone that there is a need for everyone to be nicer to each other.

Let’s stop cyber bullying and be nicer to each other on internet. Together we can make the internet a better place.

Group Direct Message coming to Twitter soon

I seldom use the Direct Message feature of Twitter. Maybe because a lot of instant messaging features are missing on the DM function. Well, Twitter recently announced that it will be adding Group Direct Message soon. This means that instead of just DM-ing to one person, you can DM to multiple people at the same time. It’s like creating a private group chat.

OK, this feature is already available in almost all instant message apps like Facebook Chat, WhatsApp etc etc. Twitter is kinda late in the game. Let’s see if this new feature will encourage more users to use the DM function.

The group DM feature will be rolling out to all users over the next few days.