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Stickers now available on Facebook comments

In case you haven’t notice, Facebook just enabled stickers on comments. Yes, that stickers you use on your Facebook Messenger app. Facebook stickers are now available on timelines, groups and events comments.

As a page admin, I’m so glad that Facebook did not enable stickers on Facebook page comments.


And as usual, whenever there is a new Facebook feature, expect it to be abused over the next few weeks. I already have a status update with more than 60 Sticker replies.


Facebook conducted emotion manipulating social experiment on users

For one week in January 2012, Facebook altered its News Feed algorithms for 689,003 randomly selected users to gauge if exposure to emotions led people to change their own posting behaviours.

The researchers conducted 2 experiment. In the first experiment, Facebook reduced the positive content of News Feeds while the second experiment reduced the negative content of News Feed.

The results show that for people who had positive content reduced in their News Feed, a larger percentage of words in people’s status updates were negative and a smaller percentage were positive. When negativity was reduced, the opposite pattern occurred. These results suggest that the emotions expressed by friends, via online social networks, influence our own moods, constituting, to our knowledge, the first experimental evidence for massive-scale emotional contagion via social networks.

Wait a minute. You mean Facebook actually manipulated our News Feed to see how it affect our emotions without our prior consent? Even though Facebook have all the legal rights to do so in their User Agreement, it is still unethical to do so.

Just because we joined your social network doesn’t mean that we agree to be a lab mice.

There is no way to opt out of this sort of experiment. Facebook doesn’t even tell you if you were part of it. It just assume that it has the divine rights to manipulate its users’ emotion. This is not right. What if the user suffer from depression?

While some users might protest against this unethical behaviour, Facebook is most likely going to get out of this whole saga without a scratch. Everything will be back to normal in a few weeks time.

End of the day, what makes me worry the most is that Facebook has the capabilities to manipulate our emotions through what it display on our News Feed. I’m never a fan of the aggregated News Feed. While Facebook claims that they are aggregating our News Feed to give us what is relevant, what is stopping them from aggregating our News Feed to manipulate our emotions and thoughts?

And the worst thing is that even when we found out that Facebook is using its users for experiments, there is nothing the users can do about it. There is no good alternative social networking platform out there.

World Cup on Twitter

The FIFA World Cup is happening now and Twitter is the best social media platform for you to get the latest updates on the games. The official hashtags for the World Cup are #WorldCup and #Brazil2014

Do you know that the most followed players at the 2014 World Cup is Cristiano Ronaldo, followed by Neymar Júnior, Wayne Rooney, Andrés Iniesta and Mesut Özil.

Here are some interesting stats about the World Cup Twitter scene in Singapore.


UEFA Champions League Social Buzz by Adobe Digital Index

The UEFA Champions League Final between Real Madrid CF and Atlético de Madrid took place last weekend. Adobe Digital Index (ADI) used Adobe Social to monitor 4.5 million mentions of the final match on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest, VK, Reddit, Disqus, and blogs during the month of May.

It discovered that, of the 196 countries in the world, 120 have contributed to the social buzz around the match. Interestingly, Spanish social media users didn’t dominate the conversation. Instead, it is Indonesia that topped the list of countries talking about the Champions League on social media space, accounting for 22% of mentions.

Span was second with 12%.

UEFA Champions League - Social Buzz

Petition to shut down STOMP

Here is something that you most likely won’t see on STOMP or any SPH newspaper/websites. A petition asking SPH to shut down STOMP is gaining widespread support from Singaporeans. The petition currently has more than 15,000 signatures and growing.


I think a lot of us have enough of the rubbish on STOMP. Everyone still remember that STOMP article about SMRT door remaining open while moving. We thought things will improve after that. It didn’t. If you go to STOMP now, you still can see lots of irresponsible reporting. The site give Citizen Journalism a bad name. It promote false information, hate speech and xenophobia. Recently, STOMP started a “Don’t be a Social Media Idiot” campaign to encourage readers to shame “idiots” on social media platform like Facebook.

I think Singaporeans had enough. It is time we demand SPH to shut down STOMP and stop tarnishing the name of Citizen Journalism.

This petition should have been started long time ago. But I guess it is never too late to start. You can sign the online petition here.