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Google+ profile no longer needed for YouTube and other Google products

Google is finally splitting Google+ and YouTube and other Google products. Google+ profile will no longer be your identity in all Google products. This change will be push out in the coming months and YouTube will be the first to get the change.

This is great news since the Google+ integration with YouTube got the most negativity. Someone even wrote a song for Google.

For those who created a Google+ profile for other Google products but don’t plan to use Google+, the company says it will offer better options for managing and removing your public profile.

This is great news for many people. I hate to say this but Google+ is really in a big mess. Hopefully with this change, Google can concentrate on people who truly wants to use Google+ and not those who are forced to create a Google+ account for the sake of using other Google products.

Twitter opens Asia Pacific headquarters in Singapore

Twitter recently opened its Asia Pacific headquarters in Singapore. The company also announced that it will be adding more than 100 jobs over the next few years to meet the growing demand from users, partners and advertisers across the Asia Pacific region. Minister of Communication and Information, Dr. Yaacob Ibrahim was present to launch the official new regional quarters.

Twitter APAC Office - #Home4Good Dr. Yaacob Ibrahim (Captioned)

Since opening in a serviced office in the fall of 2013, the Singapore-based team has grown to 80 staff members in less than two years and moved to a new office space to accommodate the company’s plans to more than double its workforce. The new regional headquarters will be home to a wide range of business functions, including sales, partnerships, marketing, HR, finance, user services, legal, policy, and trust & safety.

Twitter APAC Office - 03 Reception

The new office was designed with both Twitter and Singapore in mind. There are elements of Singapore’s heritage incorporated throughout the interior design, including Peranakan wall and floor tiles, nostalgic old-style doors and windows, 1970s wall grilles, bricks and furniture. As a reflection of Twitter’s role as a platform for live, public conversations, the office has a large Commons area for events of up to 100 people, while many work areas throughout the office were built for group discussions, including The Library. The #LoveWhereYouWork neon hashtag, Twitter vending machine, Tweet wall and birdhouses around the office emphasize the company’s iconic brand. All the rooms are also named after birds from across the region, including Emu the boardroom.

Twitter APAC Office - 04 Foyer

Twitter APAC Office - 05 Commons

Twitter APAC Office - 06 Commons

Twitter APAC Office - 07 #realtimelab

Twitter APAC Office - 10 Pantry

Twitter APAC Office - 15

Twitter APAC Office - 12 Library

Twitter APAC Office - 17

Twitter APAC Office - 18

Obama now tweeting from @POTUS

US president Barack Obama finally got his own Twitter account @POTUS (initials for President Of The United States). He send out his first Tweet from the Oval Office yesterday.



Tweets from @POTUS will be send out exclusively by Obama himself. And for those asking on behalf of a “friend”, the Twitter handle stays with the office.

So they say I didn’t follow the Facebook’s Community Standards

Warning: Ranting ahead.

Yesterday I received a notice from Facebook when I tried access the app on my iPhone. Apparently, a post of mine was removed because it doesn’t follow the Facebook Community Standards.


It was something that I posted many months ago. In fact, I don’t even remember where did I post that comment until I used Google Cache to search for it. It was actually a comment that I left on Straits Times Facebook page regarding the heckling at Hong Lim Park. According to Google Cache, that comment received more than 100 Likes.


I don’t understand. Why was my comment deleted? Which Facebook Community Standards did I not follow? The notice from Facebook wasn’t clear. It just said I didn’t follow their Community Standards. As far as I can see, there is nothing wrong with my comments.

And here’s my issue with Facebook’s Community Team. There is no avenue for us to dispute their decision. I personally feel that there is nothing wrong with my comment and it shouldn’t be deleted. By deleting my comment, Facebook is denying my freedom of speech. But there is no way that I can contact Facebook’s Community Team. It’s as if their say is final and we have to accept all their decision, whether right or wrong.

And if Facebook’s Community Team is really doing their job, how come they didn’t take any action on The Real Singapore earlier? What about sites like STOMP? What is their stand on these Facebook page that are promoting hate? You mean they are not going against Facebook’s Community Standards?

What exactly is Facebook Community Standards anyway? I see so many things that are not following their standards everyday yet no action was taken. My comment clearly didn’t go against their standard and was deleted from Facebook. What nonsense is this?


And to make things worse, after deleting my comment, Facebook logs me out of every single application that uses Facebook login. At first I thought they just log me out of the Facebook and Messenger app on my iPhone. So I just re-login to those app. Then I discovered that they also log me out on desktop. OK, fine. I’ll just login again.

To my horror, they even log me out of all other apps that uses Facebook login. I have to re-login my Spotify app. Then I have a few games on my iPhone that is linked to Facebook which I need to re-login again. Even Tinder needs to re-login. Basically for the whole yesterday, I’ve been re-logging in to all the apps that uses Facebook login.

Which makes me realise something. I am depending too much on Facebook. What if Facebook decides to ban me one day for another stupid “not following Facebook Community Standards” reasoning? Will I still be able to use Spotify which I paid monthly subscription? Will I still be able to play my iPhone games? Will I still be able to chat with girls I got matched on Tinder?

Perhaps this is a good reminder to me and everyone. We are relying too much on Facebook. To the extend that if one day they decide to abuse their power, we have no avenue to seek redress. I think it is time for me to de-link all non-Facebook app from using Facebook login. So at least next time if Facebook decide to delete another of my post, I won’t need to go through the trouble of re-logging in to every freaking apps I have.

How to create WeChat Official Account?

It is surprisingly easy to create a WeChat Official Account.

All you need to do is visit to register for an official account. The process is free and has no associated registration cost.


WeChat has not authorised any agency as the official OA registration partner and all applications can be made via the website.