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Are you sure you want to use WhatsApp Status?

WhatsApp just launched a new feature called WhatsApp Status. In short, it is just like Instagram Stories. Or should I say Snapchat since Instagram Stories is a copy of Snapchat.


When Facebook added Instagram Stories on Instagram, I can totally see the reason why. It’s competing with Snapchat for the “Instant video and photo that will be gone after 24 hours” space. And I must say that it is a smart move for Facebook to put that feature on Instagram. It really took away some users from Snapchat.

But I don’t understand why Facebook added the same feature to WhatsApp. Isn’t Instagram Stories enough? Why create another identical service to compete with Snapchat and their own Instagram Stories?

Do we really need another platform for posting videos and photos that will be gone within 24 hours?

Let’s just say we really need another platform to do it, my biggest question is: Are you sure you want to use WhatsApp Status?

Just think about it. WhatsApp Status is shared with everyone in your contacts. Now go through your contact list. You’ll most likely have clients, bosses, colleagues, acquaintances etc in your contact list. Do you really want to share your WhatsApp Status with them?

WhatsApp provide you a privacy settings to block some people in your contact list from seeing your WhatsApp status. You can always block those that you don’t want to share your WhatsApp Status before you start using. Cool right? Not really.

You’ll need to remember to update privacy settings whenever you add a new person to your address book. What if you forgot to block a new client on WhatsApp Status after adding his number to your contact list? Are you sure you want to go through that trouble?

You might say that Snapchat and Instagram Stories also have similar problems. Yes. But at least Snapchat and Instagram make it easier to control your privacy settings and doesn’t add new followers whenever you add a new mobile number in your contact list. Your contact list is not your social network.

So are you really really sure you want to use WhatsApp Status?

Well, you can still use WhatsApp Status and be mindful that your bosses, colleagues and clients might be watching. Or you can just stick with Snapchat/Instagram Stories and save yourself the trouble.

Instagram has began messing up your timeline

Bad news to Instagram users in Singapore, New Zealand, Finland, Ireland, the Netherlands and Venezuela. Instagram is now showing you a curated timeline instead of the usual chronological order.

Instagram announced a few weeks ago that on average, a user miss 70 percent of the post on their feeds. So in order to “improve” your experience, Instagram will change the order of your feed to show the moments that they believe you will care about the most.

As usual, that cause a big hoo-ha on social media and many Instagram accounts were urging their followers to turn on notifications for their accounts so that they won’t miss a post. Instagram had to quickly clarify that they are only doing testing on a small selected group of users.

Hmmm….. unfortunately they have chosen Singapore as one of the guinea pigs.

It’s been more than 24 hours since Instagram turned on the curated feed for my Instagram account and I must say that the experience is horrible. Maybe I’m resistant to changes. I’m used to seeing the latest photo on my feed. But with the new change, the first image I see might be something posted a few hours ago. The feed is no longer in chronological order. You can get a post from 2 hours ago follow by a post from 40 minutes ago.

Maybe it takes a while for Instagram to understand my preference. But right now my newsfeed suck big time. I keep asking why is Instagram showing this and that? And to make things worst, refreshing the feed doesn’t do anything. You’ll still get the same picture even if someone posted something new.

So yes, if Instagram is using us for testing, here’s my feedback. It’s horrible. Give us back our chronological order feed. If you really care about users missing out on “moments we will care about the most”, then put it on another tab. Give users the option of viewing Instagram in chronological order and curated order.

UNLESS the move to curated feed is simply to make accounts pay for advertisement so that their post will show up more and not improving user experience. Then I’ll say that changing to a curated feed is a good move.

Happy 10th Birthday Twitter!

Happy 10th Birthday Twitter.

It begin with a simple tweet. I guess nobody expect this simple tweet to start something amazing.

There are so many iconic moments over the past 10 years. From the Hudson River plane crash to first tweet from space. From Obama’s 4 more years to Oscar selfie. And many more……

Thank you Twitter for being with us for the past 10 years.

IRAS going to start taxing bloggers and online influencers

The Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) recently send out letters to some bloggers and online influencers saying that all income from their social media activities need to be declared in the annual Income Tax Return. Yeap, IRAS is going to start taxing bloggers and online influencers.

OK, it is really no surprise that IRAS is doing this. After all, there are more and more full time influencers and some of them can be earning quite a lot of money from advertorial. But perhaps the thing that surprise me is that non-monetary benefits including sponsorship of products/services in return for reviews may be taxable too.


Are you telling me that if someone gave me a thumbdrive for review, I’ll need to find out the exact value of that product and declare that in my Income Tax Return? Or if I attend a food tasting session, I’ll need to find out the cost of that meal and declare it? And if I attend a press conference and they give me a goodie bag, I’ll need to ask the PR agency to tell me the exact value of that goodie bag so that I can file my Income Tax Return?


Come on! Let’s be seriously. I think it is perfectly alright to tax bloggers and online influencers if they are paid to do advertorial for a company. But non-monetary benefits too? So are celebrities and mainstream media journalist required to declare all the non monetary benefits they received? Are athletes required to declare all the sports shoes and equipments sponsored by companies?

If IRAS goes about taxing non monetary benefits, then I think a lot of bloggers and online influencers will need to call it a day. Food bloggers won’t be able to write food reviews because every food tasting they do is taxable. Lifestyle bloggers might have problem too if they are offered staycation. And tech bloggers will not be able to cover any launch event oversea since the air tickets and hotel stay will be taxable.

Someone needs to review this. Taxing non monetary benefits for bloggers and online influencers will just kill the entire blogging scene.

Manage multiple accounts on Instagram app

Finally, a feature that many Instagram users were begging for. Instagram now allows you to manage multiple accounts from the Instagram app. This new feature is great for those who have multiple Instagram accounts and social media manager who manages their company’s Instagram account.

To do this, simply go to Options, Add Account and login to the other account.

Photo 9-2-16, 1 45 02 PM

Once you logged in to the other account, you will have the option to switch between accounts by tapping on your Instagram handle at the top and select the account that you want to use.

Photo 9-2-16, 1 45 43 PM

Most Instagram users should be getting the multiple accounts feature now. Make sure you are using Instagram version 7.15 and above. Have fun. Just remember to be careful and don’t post on the wrong account.