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五月天 – 瘋狂世界

想了你一整夜 再也想不起你的脸
你是一种感觉 写在夏夜晚风里面

青春是挽不回的水 转眼消失在指尖
用力的浪费 再用力的后悔

adidas World Cup pop up store at Wisma Atria

adidas has unveiled the first ever World Cup pop up store at Wisma Atria. From now till 13 July, fans can get their hands on exclusive 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil merchandise including the adidas Battle Pack, the official footwear collection for the tournament

Goal Wisma Atria Compaign 2014 (65)

The adidas Battle Pack retails from S$239 to S$329. Other World Cup merchandise such as mini balls, graphic tees and federation jerseys range from S$15 to S$99.

Goal Wisma Atria Compaign 2014 (68)


孫燕姿 – 我懷念的

我怀念的 是无话不说
我怀念的 是一起作梦
我怀念的 是争吵以后还是想要爱你的冲动

我记得那年生日 也记得那一首歌
记得那片星空 最紧的右手 最暖的胸口
谁 记得 谁 忘了


Savage Garden – I don’t know you anymore

I’ve paid the price
I’m still paying for it every day

If Famous Websites Were People

Here’s an interesting video by Some of them are actually kinda true. Haha.