Life is like fireworks. Yeap, I did mention the moment of beauty before.
But fireworks is more than just a moment of beauty. It is a constant reminder of many lesson in life.

Went to watch fireworks again today. And once again the foolish me tried to capture the fireworks with my K750i. Okie, I’ve learnt how to take a shot without directly looking at my K750i’s view finder. I’ve re-learnt how to enjoy the moment of beauty again. So I snap and snap non stop. Don’t really expect them to turn out good. Just wanna capture the moment.

Most of the shot were badly taken. (hey, what do you expect from a HP camera?). Only one shot not bad looking. Not really nice actually, but I’ve been sending it to my friends. That the best shot I have today.

It is just like life. You keep searching and searching until u finally find the right person. And when you found it, u’ll treasure it.

I don’t carry much hope in shooting the perfect fireworks picture. But I’m still taking photo when watching fireworks. At least if I were to take the shot, I know there is still a 50-50 chance that 1 of the shot is the perfect picture. At least at the end of the day, I know I’ve tried….. even I fail to take a perfect shot, at least I’ll have no regrets….

Hanging the Singapore Flag


National Day is coming. Someone wrote to newspaper to say that he is seeing lesser and lesser people hanging the national flag each year. I wonder, why bother?

Does it really matter much if we hang the flag or don’t hang it? Hanging the flag outside your flag means nothing. Someone who hang the flag can also be a spy selling country top secret info to others. Does hanging the flag means anything?

That why I choose to hang the flag elsewhere, inside my heart. I didn’t hang the flag outside my house this year. It serve no purpose. I don’t need to do it to show my patriotism and loyalty to the country. I show my love and loyalty to the country thru other means. I show my loyalty to the country by reporting for my reservist every year. By not chao kenging during ICT. By putting my best effort. I show my patriotism by being willing to be the 1st person at the frontline should anyone want to attack Singapore. I show my love for Singapore by defending it’s interest and reputation. By contributing to Singapore to make it a better place for our children.

Hanging the flag outside your house takes 5 mins. If this simple action is able to show one’s patriotism, then patriotism is worthless.

I choose to hang the flag in my heart. It takes more than 5min. In fact it takes a lifetime to hang a flag in the heart. If someone were to ask me if I hang the flag this year, my reply will be “I’ve been hanging the flag every day, right here inside my heart”

Happy 40th birthday Singapore.

Remember Hiroshima


60 years ago, an Atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, killing more than 140,000 people, and causing many thousand more people to die of radiation-related illness.

While the A-bomb triggered the surrender of the Japanese and the end of World War II, I’ve always wondered if it is actually necessary.

Germany and Italy had already surrendered. Japan is alone, fighting the Allied forces in many front lines. Japan’s Naval and Air forces are losing the fight to the Allied forces that had surrounded Japan. Bombing on Japan’s land was conducted every night. Russia also declared war against Japan. Japan is losing….

So is the A-Bomb really required? I don’t think so. It is just a matter of time before Japan surrender. The A-Bomb will speed up the surrender. Maybe saving the lifes of many American troops. But it killed more civilians than soldiers.

140,000 civilians, unarmed and untrained, were killed. I thought they should be targeting military targets like war factory and army camps. Yes, the Japanese soldier were cruel. I remember the Rape of Nan Jing. I remember how the people suffered under the Japanese rule. But we are no different from them. We dropped a A-Bomb on a defenseless city.

140,000 lives loss in exchanged for a faster peace. Is it worth it?

Remember Hiroshima. Remember the day 140,000 civilians lifes were lost to exchange for peace….


If I got 1 Million

This is funny…..

If I got 1 million

Nah si gua wu ji pa ban, wa beh je puey kee,
Wa beh ew seh kai, ee tah li lim ko pi,
Loh pi chiak speh ge ti ,

Wei, peng yu eh, li siong ji pa ban, chin chuay ah?
(Wei friend, you think one million a lot ah?)

Prepare for an Outsoucred World???

It has been quite some time since our dept outsourced some of our work to china. And I must tell u, the quality of their work remains bad… if not worst….

Few days ago, we attempted something ‘foolish’. We pass them a complicated request. Usually, complicated request like these would be done by staff in singapore since china can cock up even easy request. But we wanna test our luck, have some faith in them. And we regreted it.

The job they submitted keep being rejected by the requester. Either they miss out something parts or they key the figure wrongly. Even the start date of the contract also make mistake. Okie, it was partly the requester’s fault, they gave the wrong date. But common sense would had told them that they can’t have a contract that already started weeks ago. Yet they didn’t voice out the error by requestor, and just follow blindly.

Sometimes I told Ik Tjen that the guys working for us in china are just like AI, but with super good user interface. They can accept telephone call and email as command. No need follow any standard set of command, so long as the required data is available, they will be able to filter out those non-required info and take the required info for the job. BUT, they do things like AI. Simply follow a set of instructions blindly without any understanding. They are just AI with good interface.

Sometimes I’m worried. Serene is no longer here. Amanda and I are busy with other stuff and unable to babysit them every single moment. I feel that they will create a big error soon. Been checking the coding that they do but still feel that an error might slip thru our check. There is nothing much we can do. Top management wants to outsource and save money, what can we do? Money vs Quality…. tell me, if you are the boss, which 1 would you choose?

Funny, come accross this banner at SIM. “Prepare for an Outsourced World”. What kind of education can prepare someone for an outsourced world? If outsourcing is so good, how come they don’t outsource top management post too?