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Hangout with David Beckham on Google Hangout

David Beckham will be doing an exclusive interview YouTube and a live hangout on Google Plus on 20 January 2012, 1am Singapore time. (That’s tonight)

You can watch the live streamed interview at After the interview, join the Google Plus hangout on David Beckham’s Google Plus page.

This is not the first time Google Plus have a special event with a celebrity. Last September, Google Plus hosted a hangout session with

Google Plus Hangout On Air with

Google Plus will be having their first showcase of Hangout On Air hosted by celebrity musician of Black Eyed Peas. The Hangout On Air will happen at 9:00am 22 September 2011 Singapore time. (6:00pm 21 September on US Pacific time) To participate, go to’s Google Plus profile page.

Not sure exactly what will be doing at the Hangout On Air. Will he be singing? Or just “meet and greet” fans? We will find out soon.

Google Plus Hangout On Air is one of the many new features that Google is rolling out. It’s like Google Plus Hangout. (For the uninitiated, Hangout is a video chat service on Google plus which allows up to 10 partipant at one time) Except you can also have audience watching the conversation. This is great for live Podcast/Videocast. And it is exactly the thing I wished for when I was at Tech65.

Google Plus Hangout On Air is making me feel like doing podcasting/videocasting again. Anyone want to join in when the feature is out?

Google Plus is getting better and better each day. Still not good enough to completely replace any social network out there. But hang in there. This thing has huge potential. And its still in Beta (Like most Google products. Haha).

Google Plus starting verification badges for profiles

Google announced that they are starting to roll out verification badges on Google Plus profiles. This is very similar to what Twitter has done with their verified account.

The verification badge is displayed next to the profile name on Google Plus. It’s a small little grey checkmark. When you mouse over the checkmark, it shows the word “verified name”.

Google is currently verifying celebrity, public figure and people who have been added to a large number of Circles.

I wonder if I qualify to get a verified badge. Hmmmm…. maybe not. I only got 370+ people who added me to a circle. Sigh.

Google Plus now comes with games

This is actually no surprise. We saw this coming when Google launched Google Plus.

Yes, Google Plus now come with games.

And I think one thing Google did correctly is to separate the games updates stream from the normal stream. This is great for those who are not interested in playing games on their social network. For those who are interested to see what games you friends are playing, just go to the Games stream.

There’s not a lot of games right now. But don’t worry. Expect to see more social games publishers hoping onboard. And in the meantime, just play Angry Bird. YES! Angry Bird is on Google Plus. Ain’t that cool?

This is currently the only game that I’m playing on Google Plus. The best part is that you can actually compare your score with your friends.

And if it is not enough, you can also post a message to your friend to boast about your new highscore. Haha.

Google Plus App now available in Singapore

Good news to all local Google Plus users! The Google Plus App is finally available on Singapore Apple App Store and Singapore Android Market.

Try searching “Google+” or “Google” in the App Store. Searching “Google Plus” most likely won’t give you the right results.

The iOS version is currently only available for iPhone. Can’t seem to find it on iPad. I think Google will release a tablet version later.

Huddle anyone? :D