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nicole in da hse of dk’s blog

Howdy folks!

As you all may know, am not a new guest blogger on DK’s blog. Did guest blogging here before, thus I believe, not much introduction to begin with.

But for the sake of introduction, I shall write a little more here. Blogs at (plug!) as well as part of Tech65

First, a big thank you to DK, for the opportunity to mess up his blog guest blog here. While he is in reservist, the guest bloggers are here to play. :P

I am still trying to find my groove in blogging once again, as I feel I am lagging behind in blogging on my own site. LOL. All is well, and doing what I love would be the most satisfying experience.

Alrightey, I shall take my leave here, and let the rest of the guest bloggers intro themselves too! :)

I shall go enjoy my well deserved break first. Fret not, will be back. :)

Cobalt Paladin, The Guest Blogger

A while back, can’t remember when, DK extended an invitation to me as a guest blogger.  I acted cool and nonchalant about it, “Sure, brudder!  Anything to help you.”  while I was gleefully rubbing my hands together.  It was an opportunity for me to fool and play around with a wordpress blog.  Dk’s blog will give me an opportunity to compare and  I normally blog at (plug!) and had always been curious about the big deal of using wordpress as the blogging software.  Now I can mess and poke around the blog without worrying about spoiling my own blog.  *evil laughter*

Also, by having access to the wp-admin control panel allows me to poke around.  For example, I learnt that DK has a total of 28  draft entries and the earliest unpublished draft was 3 March 2006!  My earliest unpublished entry was only 24 December 2006.  Tsk tsk tsk! What have you been doing, DK?

Anyway, by being a guest blogger, will also allow me to take on a different persona.  This will allow me to deviate from the normal serious entrepreneur persona (plug!) to be a sillier (I can try, can’t I?) and the ambitious Brain persona.

Pinky: “Gee Brain, what do you want to do tonight?”
The Brain: “The same thing we do every night, Pinky—try to take over the world.”

I’ll start by taking over DK’s blog first.  Muahahahahahaha! x 968547265

Anyway, the reason that DK required us to guest blog was that he was going to serve the nation – reservist.  But I’m beginning to doubt the authenticity wonder,  if he is really doing his reservist, how did he manage to  to plurk here, here, here and here?  And hor, he seems to sleep awfully early… like he is on vacation!  Maybe he just bluff us so we can help him blog while he is away.  Maybe he is sipping coconut juice at a Pattaya beach enjoying the sun, sea and babes while we are busy slogging away for him.


Actually, when I accepted his invitation to guest blog, I was worried that I may actually sent his readership plunging to the pits.  Then when I learnt that there will be 12 bloggers, then I heaved a huge sigh of relief.  There will be 12 of us to share the blame!

Anyway, when all else fails, we can always embed our entries with the proper spelling of pron.  That would definitely send his visitor rates skyrocket high.  We would have done our duties as guest bloggers then.  Heh!

Idea sia!

By the way, this is a picture of me:

Optimus Prime

Some of you may remember the picture, this is how I became known as Optimus Prime. :p

P.S.  Darn!  Only managed to plug my own blog (another plug!) thrice!