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iFly Singapore Opens SkyLoft: Rooftop Restaurant and Bar

Looking for a romantic restaurant this coming Valentines Day? Well, iFly Singapore recently opened a rooftop restaurant and bar call SkyLoft.

SkyLoft serves modern European cuisine with an interesting fusion of Italian, French, British and Asian inspired creations. One of its house specials is the iPlatter which comprises foie gras terrine, bambini bocconcini skewer, cod pillow, honey chicken wings, sliced parma ham, cheese and toast. Mussel lovers have a choice of having their mussels done in seven different ways, including Mussels@Sky which is mussels cooked in white wine and chicken essence, Drunken Mussels in Kronenbourg beer and Black Pepper Mussels in homemade black pepper sauce.

There is also live performances by local bands like Jack & Rai, Shirlyn & the UnXpected and 53A from Thursday through Saturday. A great way to unwind over a glass of beer.

But perhaps the best thing about SkyLoft is the beautiful sea view from the roof terrace. And since iFly Singapore is just next to Sentosa’s Songs of the Sea, you get pyrotechnics every night.

Check out the SkyLoft if you are looking for a romantic place for dinner or just a few drinks.

Is iFly safe?

Some of you might have read the news regarding iFly Singapore’s first accident on Saturday. An iFly instructor fractured his right shin when he failed to break a high-speed dive.

So is iFly safe?

Well, if we are talking about beginner course, it is actually very safe. I’ve been to iFly Singapore twice. For beginners, the wind speed is much slower. The instructor is always in the wind tunnel with you. You get to experience flying in a very safe environment. There isn’t much room for accident to happen in the beginner course.

The iFly Singapore instructor fractured his shin during a high speed dive demonstration. You don’t get to do that unless you reached the advance level. Skydiving is after all still an extreme sport. There is a slight element of risk involved. That’s why you still need to wear safety gears when entering the wind tunnel. iFly Singapore has been in operation since May last year and this is their first accident. Goes to show how safe the wind tunnel is.

And honestly iFly is a lot safer compared to the real skydiving. You are indoor and in a controlled environment. There’s no sudden gust of wind and there’s no need to worry about parachute. You get to experience skydiving safely.

Dee Kay Dot As Gee Giveaway: A pair of iFly Singapore First Timer Challenge Package

I got a pair of vouchers from iFly Singapore for the First Timer Challenge Package. I love iFly. I’ve tried it twice and still craving for more. But then, I think I’ve outgrown their first timer package and should take up something more advance level. So yes, I’m giving away this pair of iFly Singapore First Timer Challenge Package to 1 lucky blog reader.


To find out more about iFly Singapore, visit their website or check out my blog entry.

How to apply:
Just drop me an email me with the title: “Dee Kay Dot As Gee Giveaway: A pair of iFly Singapore First Timer Challenge Package”. Closing date is on Friday, 13 Jan 2012, 2359. I will randomly select the winner via the usual method. Refer to the rules for more details.

By the way, the voucher is valid until 9 March 2012.

Update: Closed