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Belkin Tablet Stand with Smart Stylus

OK, the Belkin Tablet Stand with Smart Stylus may look like an ordinary tablet stand. But it has some interesting feature up its sleeves.

A lot of ladies (and guys) like to use their tablet in the kitchen to refer to recipes or just play some music. The Belkin Tablet Stand with Smart Stylus is specially designed for use in the kitchen. The idea is that you don’t ever need to touch your tablet because your hands will be dirty. You use the Smart Stylus on the touchscreen. The stylus is washable so that you can wash the grease away from the stylus if it is dirty.

And here’s the best part. There is a magnet at the tip of the stylus. This allows you to turn on your iPad 2 like your Smart Cover by tapping the tip at the bezel. Pretty clever use of the magnetic switch.

The Belkin Tablet Stand with Smart Stylus cost S$49.

iPad Survives 100,000+ Foot Fall

OK, don’t try this unless you have the G-Form Extreme Edge case for your iPad.

Pretty impressive. Not bad for a $45 case. The company also tried tossing out from a speeding car, launching from a Slingshot and 1300 foot drops from skydiving.

Actually, if it survive a 1300 foot (396m) drop, it should be able to survive any height. At 396m, the iPad should have already reached terminal velocity. There is no need to drop it from 100,000+ foot to prove the point. But it’s always fun to see something fall down from edge of space.

Now, the next biggest question is, Will It Blend?

The Koala Mount – iPad 2 wall mount

Remember Dockem? Dockem is a universal wall dock for your smartphones and tablets. Well, the guys behind Dockem are back on Kickstarter with their new project, The Koala Mount.

Well, the Koala Mount is very like the Dockem. But unlike the Dockem which is one size fits all, the Koala Mount is designed specially for iPad 2 (although it can also fit a iPad 1, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 or Motorola Xoom). It looks sleeker and has a slot at the back to hold the iPad 2 Smart Cover.

Apart from that, the Koala Mount is very much like the Dockem. It’s very elegantly designed with a cord clip at the bottom of each bracket to hold the charging cable. The Koala Mount sticks to the wall using 3M Command strips which can hold up to 2.27kg. The 3M Command strips can also be removed easily without damaging your wall surface.

If you have a iPad 2 and wish to mount it on the wall (or fridge, bed side, office cubical etc etc), check out the Koala Mount currently on Kickstarter.

Apple microUSB adapter

Apple recently released a microUSB adapter in their UK store to comply with the European Union standards for smartphone chargers. According to the 2009 standard, all data-enabled phone sold in the EU must use a charger that outputs 5V at 500mA and a cable that terminates in a micro USB plug.

As we all know, the iPhone uses a proprietary 30-pin Dock connector. We all thought that Apple will either not comply with the EU regulation or remove the 30-pin Dock connector. But interestingly, the standards actually allow manufacturers to include micro USB adapter in order to comply with the standard. So here we have, a microUSB adapter by Apple.

I know, there’s most likely a lot of 3rd party adapters out there in the market already. But this is THE official adapter from Apple. It looks sleek and comes with a sleeker £8.00 price tag.

Strangely, Apple didn’t include the microUSB adapter (and a microUSB cable) in the iPhone 4S sold in UK. I would thought they need to do that in order to comply with the standard.

The Apple microUSB adapter is currently not available outside Europe.

TouchFire screen top keyboard

If you do a lot of typing on your iPad, the TouchFire screen top keyboard might be the accessory for you.

TouchFire is a clear keyboard overlay made of flexible silicone rubber that provides tactile feedback when typing. It has a series of micro-structures inside each key which allows users to rest their fingers on the keys without accidentally pressing that key. When not in use, you can simply fold it up together with the iPad 2 Smart Cover. Or easily remove it from the screen since TouchFire is held in place using the iPad 2’s magnet.

The TouchFire screen top keyboard is currently raising funds at Kickstarter. Pledge $45 or more to get a TouchFire Standard Pack when it’s ready. Since it has already exceeded their goal by more than 5 times, you will definitely get the TouchFire if you pledge $45 or more.