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Miveu: Turn your iPhone into a POV Camera

Here is another interesting project on Kickstarter. A iPhone 4/4S harness that strap your iPhone close to your chest to capture your Personal Point Of View on video. It’s call the Miveu.

The Miveu is not just a iPhone strap. It also has a wide angle len so that you can capture broader perspective. The iPhone is protected in a ruggedized case. Miveu is not waterproof by itself. But the makers will include three protective water resistant skins for wet conditions.

Compare this with other POV camera like GoPro, the Miveu is a lot cheaper if you already have a iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S. And since it is recorded on your iPhone, you can straight away edit the video and share it on your social network after recording.

The Miveu is great for recording your POV when doing sports like cycling or skateboarding. Or when you are on a roller coaster or Go Karting. You can even hold a fake gun infront of the Miveu and do a First Person Shooter video.

And for those who want to live stream your daily life, Miveu is a great solution.

OK, you might look a little silly when wearing the Miveu. But the POV videos you can get from the Miveu will make it all worthwhile.

The Miveu is currently on Kickstarter. Pledge $70 (plus $35 for international shipping) and you will get a Miveu if the funding is successful.

The Serif and Ligature for your Glif iPhone tripod mount

Fans of the Glif are going to love these add on accessories to their iPhone tripod mount.

The Serif is designed to keep your iPhone incredibly secure on the Glif. The Glif by itself is already able to hold the iPhone securely. But that’s for normal use. If you are going for some extreme sports or mounting your iPhone upside down, the Serif will make sure your iPhone stays secured to the Glif. When not in use, the Serif fits nicely inside the Glif, making it very compact and convenient.

The Ligature is a a simple keyring loop that attaches to the tripod thread on the Glif so that you can attach it to a keychain.

For those who already have the Glif, the Serif and Ligature are available in the +Pack at $12. If you don’t already have the Glif, you can buy deluxe Glif+ package which contains the Glif, Serif, and Ligature at $30. The Glif itself without the additional accessories is retailing at $20.

For more info and ordering, head down to Studio Neat website. I’ve already ordered mine and I’ll blog more about it when it arrives in a couple of weeks time.

Photojojo iPhone Lens Dial

The Photojojo iPhone Lens Dial is a aluminum case for iPhone 4 or 4S with three lenses: Wide Angle, Fisheye, and Telephoto. It is designed in such a way that it is easy to rotate the dial to change lenses.

The 0.7x Wide Angle lens is good for capturing wide scenery. 1.5x Telephoto lens helps you zoom into your subject without losing quality like digital zoom. And 0.33x Fisheye lens lets you be creative with your shots.

The Photojojo iPhone Lens Dial Case has two tripod mounts for portrait and landscape.

The Photojojo iPhone Lens Dial cost US$249 and is available here.

But wait a minute. 3 lens for $249? That’s kinda expensive. And the Photojojo iPhone Lens Dial is kinda bulky.

A better option will be the Olloclip which cost only US$69.99. Olloclip has the Fisheye and Wide Angle Lens. It does not have a telephoto lens but it have a macro lens. And if you need tripod mount, get a glif for US$20.

You can’t switch lenses as easy as the Photojojo iPhone Lens Dial. But the Olloclip + glif combo is much cheaper and compact.

Holga iPhone Lens Filter Kit

I think all Lomography fans with iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S will love this. A Holga iPhone case with 9 special effect lens. OK, I know there are tons of free apps in Appstore that can create those effects too. But isn’t it cooler to have real plastic filter.

The Holga iPhone lens filter kit is designed to look like a old school telephone dial for that retro feel. It gives you 9 different and crazy special effects and filters without any software or app installed. The 9 effects/filters are:

Dual Image Lens: Produces 2 identical images similar to a Holga 2 way split image filter
Triple Image Lens: Produces 3 identical images similar to a Holga 3 way split image filter
Quadruple Image Lens: Produces 4 identical images similar to a Holga 4 way split image filter
60mm Macro Lens: For taking photos at approximately 60mm from the lens
Empty Hole: For taking images with no effect
Red Filter with Clear Heart Shape Centre: Reduces absorption of blue & green lights with clear heart shape centre to stand out
Red Filter: Reduces absorption of blue and green light
Green Filter: Enhances green colors
Yellow Filter with Clear Center: Clear circular spot in center to stand out with surroundings in pale yellow to mimic sunset
Blue Filter with Clear Center: Clear circular spot in center to stand out with surroundings in blue to mimic gentle moon atmosphere

The Holga iPhone Lens Filter Kit cost $24.99 and is available in Red, Blue, White, Black or Silver.

Apple microUSB adapter

Apple recently released a microUSB adapter in their UK store to comply with the European Union standards for smartphone chargers. According to the 2009 standard, all data-enabled phone sold in the EU must use a charger that outputs 5V at 500mA and a cable that terminates in a micro USB plug.

As we all know, the iPhone uses a proprietary 30-pin Dock connector. We all thought that Apple will either not comply with the EU regulation or remove the 30-pin Dock connector. But interestingly, the standards actually allow manufacturers to include micro USB adapter in order to comply with the standard. So here we have, a microUSB adapter by Apple.

I know, there’s most likely a lot of 3rd party adapters out there in the market already. But this is THE official adapter from Apple. It looks sleek and comes with a sleeker £8.00 price tag.

Strangely, Apple didn’t include the microUSB adapter (and a microUSB cable) in the iPhone 4S sold in UK. I would thought they need to do that in order to comply with the standard.

The Apple microUSB adapter is currently not available outside Europe.