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MS Office for iPad?

It seems like Microsoft might be launching their popular MS Office for iPad in a few weeks time. The Daily recently published a photograph of the software running on an iPad.

A Microsoft spokesperson said the screen shot accompanying The Daily’s story is not a picture of a real Microsoft software product. But the spokesperson also said Microsoft is declining to comment as to whether or not the company has developed a version of Office for the iPad and/or when such a product may come to market.

Perhaps the screen shot is on a demo version and the final version will look slightly different? Haha. We will find out in a couple of weeks time. Since this entry is tagged as “Rumor Mill”, you should take it with a pinch of salt.

Microsoft unveil new logo for Windows 8

Microsoft just published a blog entry unveiling the new logo for the upcoming Windows 8.

The new logo received mixed reactions. Some like it while other call it the Microsoft’s GAP moment. If you don’t remember, the clothing company GAP did a logo redesign back in 2010 and received huge public outcry. The company eventually revert to its original logo after a week.

Don’t think there will be a huge outcry over this new Windows 8 logo. But personally, I’m not a fan of it. The design looks ok. It’s the colour. Don’t understand why must it be just one colour when we are so used to the 4 colours on the Windows logo. Interestingly, the new Windows 8 logo looks kinda Windows 1.0 logo. Somehow the new logo makes me feel that we are taking a step backwards instead of forward with the new Windows 8.

Oh well, maybe it is just me. Anyway, do check out Microsoft’s blog post where they did a good summary of all the old Windows Logo.

I think I still prefer Windows XP logo the most.

Microsoft Explorer Touch Mouse and Touch Mouse Trade In

We all heard about laptop trade in or jeans trade in. This is perhaps the first time I heard about mouse trade in. But hey, the offer is pretty good.

Microsoft Singapore is having a mouse trade in program now. Just bring any old computer mouse (any condition or brand) to a participating retailer, drop them in a specially designed recycling boxes to receive special discount off the Explorer Touch Mouse and Touch Mouse.

The Microsoft Explorer Touch Mouse cost S$49 after trade in. (suggested retail price S$59 before trade in)

The Microsoft Touch Mouse cost S$79 after trade in. (suggested retail price S$99 before trade in)

The trade in program will end on 31st March 2012 or while stocks last.

Microsoft withdraw from CES

Consumer Electronics Show 2012 was the 15th and last time Microsoft is participating in the mega trade show.

I guess CES 2013 will be weird without a Microsoft keynote. It’s just like Apple withdrawing from Macworld in 2009. But I guess this move is a reflection of how information is being transmitted. Mega trade show like CES seems a little redundant for major brands as they can still easily launch their new products and services on their own. They don’t really need trade show like CES to get international media attention.

And if you notice, the major brands didn’t really announce much ground breaking new products during the recent CES. They are just showcasing some trends to expect for the rest of the year. Perhaps they are saving their wares for their own product launches.

But trade show like CES aren’t redundant completely. It is still good for startup and smaller companies to showcase their products and services.

Here’s an interesting video mashup by Microsoft from the 15 CES Keynotes. Enjoy.

Windows 8 might come with a new Blue Screen of Death

If you used Windows before, you will be familiar with the Blue Screen of Death. Even Bill Gates get it during his Windows 98 presentation. It’s a blue screen with lots of text which most mortals don’t understand. In fact, some geeks also don’t understand the text. Basically it’s telling you that your computer has crashed and needs to be restart.

The new Windows 8 might be getting a brand new Blue Screen of Death. Or at least that’s what we see on the Windows 8 Developer’s Preview. The new Blue Screen of Death now uses a more soothing shade of blue and a large sad face emoticon.

Gone are the bunch of text which nobody bothers to read and error code which most don’t understand what it is for. Instead, there is a simple text that says “Your PC ran into a problem that it couldn’t handle, and now it needs to restart.” and some keywords which you can Google Bing online.

Actually I kinda like the new Blue Screen of Death. It’s simple easy to understand. No complicated error code which scares the not so tech savvy users. Hope Microsoft keep this for the final release of Windows 8. But personally, I would prefer if they didn’t have that sad face emoticon.

What do you think about the new Blue Screen of Death? Like it? Hate it?