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Philips Fidelio Docking Speakers for Android Phones

If you are a iPhone user, you are most likely spoilt for choices when it comes to selecting docking speakers. But if you are a Android phone user, then you aren’t that lucky. There are very limited choices out there in the market and most of the docking speakers are made by the phone makers themselves. Which means the speaker most likely will only fit one Android phone model. When you upgrade your Android phone, you will most likely need to change the docking speaker.

The biggest problem with Android is that there are many different models out there in the market and it is difficult for speaker makers to design docking speakers for all the Android phones out there in the market. Different Android phones have different positioning of the microUSB port.

Well, Philips seems to have found the solution for this with their new FlexiDock on their Fidelio Docking Speakers. The FlexiDock can be adjusted to fit most Android device by simply moving it left or right. This will allow the phone to be positioned in a centralized location even if the mircoUSB port isn’t located in the center. The FlexiDock can also be rotated 180 degrees so that it can fit most Android devices no matter what direction the microUSB port is facing.

The Fidelio Docking Speakers are equipped with Bluetooth so that users can stream music from their Android devices wirelessly. Philips also created a free Fidelio App that is available for download on the Android marketplace. The Fidelio App gives user access to thousands of radio station worldwide as well as a wider music collection through the music sharing feature.

Oh, and did I mention that Philips will be releasing 4 different docking speaker models for Android phones?

Philips Docking Speaker AS111 (Recommended Retail Price S$199)

Philips Docking System AS141 (Recommended Retail Price S$219)

Philips Docking Speaker AS351 (Recommended Retail Price S$249)

Philips Docking Speaker AS851 (Recommended Retail Price S$349)

The Philips Fidelio Docking Speakers AS851, AS351, AS141 and AS111 will be available in Singapore by end February 2012.