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Samsung Galaxy Note vs iPhone

Here’s a Samsung Galaxy Note vs iPhone street challenge by Samsung USA.

There’s lots of debate about how this challenge is bias towards the Galaxy Note. I agree. Plus the girl should just go to the App Store. There’s tons of free apps that can help her. Although honestly speaking, I would never be interested in superimposing my photo on another person using my phone.

To crop your head and superimpose on another photo, use this app call PhotoChop (Free).

To draw on a map, go Google map to screenshot the map. Then use this app call DoodleBuddy (Free) to draw on it.

To edit PowerPoint Slide, just use applications like Keynote ($9.99), QuickOffice ($19.99) or Documents To Go ($16.99). OK, I can’t find any free apps that can edit PowerPoint slides. So I guess Galaxy Note win this round.

These are just some of the apps I know. I’m pretty sure there are a lot more out there in the iOS App Store. I’ve no idea where they found that lady. It seems like she is just using the iPhone for the basic functions. Maybe they should find someone who knows how to use the iPhone in their next challenge.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1?

We’ve seen Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Samsung Galaxy Note. Now there’s rumors that Samsung will be announcing a Galaxy Note 10.1 at the Mobile World Congress

The Galaxy Note 10.1 name first appeared on an invitation to a Samsung Developer Day at MWC. At first some people thought it might be a typo. But then the same name appeared again at some casting call for a Samsung commercial. (The posting has been removed but you can still view it on Google Cache)

And it’s no surprise if Samsung really release a 10.1 inch Galaxy Note. After all, the Samsung did say that the Galaxy Note’s S Pen would makes sense for larger screens. And since this is going to be 10.1 inch, it will most likely be a full Tablet and not a Phablet (a new category name given to devices like Galaxy Note: Phone and Tablet hybrid).

But seriously, Galaxy Note 10.1? Come on, surely you guys can come up with a better name than this.

Pink Samsung GALAXY S II coming to Singapore

I’m not a fan of pink gadget. But for the benefits of those who love pink stuff, Samsung is releasing their popular GALAXY S II in Coral Pink.

Specs is still the same as the usual GALAXY S II. Will be available in Singapore from 18 February 2012 at S$888 without contract.

Catch My Heart

Here’s an interesting short film about love at first sight. In fact, it’s a great advertisement for the Samsung Conquer 4G. (Which is most likely not going to be available in Singapore)

Anyway, doubt anything like this will happen in real life. Besides, you can easily find that person if you activate Google Latitude on your Android phone. (Ah…. I’m so unromantic)

And don’t ask me why am I watching Michelle Phan makeup tutorial channel. It was a recommendation by Youtube. I swear!