The popular Starbucks x Stojo collection is back. This year, Starbucks is bringing the Stojo collapsible cups and bottles.

The Starbucks x Stojo collapsible cup is 24oz (approx 710ml) comes in 3 colours. Retails for S$39.90.

The Starbucks x Stojo collapsible bottle is 20oz (approx 591ml) comes in 4 colours. Retails for S$39.90.

Both Starbucks x Stojo collapsible cups and bottles will be available at all Starbucks stores and Starbucks LazMall from 23 November. Based on past experience, expect them to be sold out pretty fast.

LEGO just announced its largest set ever. The Colosseum (10276) contains 9036 pieces, beating the 7541 pieces Star Wars Millennium Falcon released in 2017.

Measuring 59cm long, 52cm wide and 27cm high, the Colosseum is an impressive set for LEGO architecture lovers. The building experience is going to be repetitive but the end result will be fantastic. The only problem is how to display this amazing set in your house after completion.

The package contains 4 smaller boxes with 68 bags. Each box comes with a separate instruction manual which means you can split this mammoth task among 4 people.

The LEGO Colosseum (10276) will launch on 27 November 2020 at S$799.90.

This is not the 40 I was expecting. Not that I was expecting anything. But definitely didn’t expect a global pandemic to cast a shadow over 2020. At the rate that things are going, it is going to last until at least mid 2021 before things goes back to normal. Or the new normal.

Been feeling a bit off lately. Like something is missing in life. Not sure how to really describe it. Maybe it is just a phase and will pass. And let hope it passes soon.

I think as I get older, I start to care less about birthdays. When we were young, birthday seems like some novelty thing. When we get old, birthday will seem like a milestone. But right now, birthday seems like just another day. Nothing much to celebrate about when its just in the middle. A simple steak dinner with my favourite person is a good enough celebration. A slice of cake with candle is added bonus.

Think I’ll need to start getting used to be called an uncle. Although I still get a lot of people thinking that I’m in my late 20s or early 30s. Always fun to ask people to guess my age. I know it’s cheap thrill. But let me enjoy it while it last. Don’t think it will last long. Already starting to see signs of aging like lost of hair. *horror* Oh well…. it is what it is.

Cheers to the big 40. Let’s hope the 40s will be extraordinary.

Let's dance in style, let's dance for a while
Heaven can wait we're only watching the skies
Hoping for the best, but expecting the worst
Are you gonna drop the bomb or not?

Netflix Singapore recently added a bunch of classic Singapore movies and dramas into their catalog.

Classic such as 881, Ilo Ilo, The Leap Year, The Price of Peace, Phua Chu Kang, Under One Roof, The Noose, The Unbeatables and many more. Netflix has cleverly tagged them under Goes Well With Kacang Putih and Last Time Primetime, Now Anytime.

Catch them on Netflix to relive the golden age of Singapore cinema and TV.

PS: The only show missing from the list is Master of the Sea and VR Man.

This year’s National Day is going to be different due to the Covid 19 pandemic. We won’t be having the usual National Day Parade at Padang or The Floating Platform for the nation’s 55th birthday. There will be a parade and ceremony in the morning at the Padang follow by an evening show at the Star Performing Arts Centre.

But one thing that is still around is the NDP Fun Pack. The fun pack will be given to every household in Singapore. Initially, there was a huge outcry about the NDP Fun Pack. There was even a online petition to opt out of receiving the pack. I can understand why because there’s no point in having a NDP Fun Pack when you are not at the parade itself.

But I think the complaints died down after everyone sees the contents of the Fun Pack. This year’s NDP Fun Pack is a reusable grocery bag that is foldable into a small pouch. There are 20 beautiful designs done by artist with disabilities in partnership with SG Enable and Primary 5 students. There are 12 items in the fun pack including hand sanitisers, thermometer, reusable face masks and surgical masks.

NDP Fun Pack 2020 is no fun at all. They are all essentials. And it is the best Fun Pack ever.

If you haven’t collected your NDP Fun Pack, you can do so at all Community Clubs from now till 2 August 2020 (excluding Public Holiday). Visit this website to find your nearest collection centre. There is also an e-discount booklet online for great deals and offers by local businesses.

And by the way, Yeo’s has prepared some “big surprise” for those people who received the special edition Chrysanthemum Tea in their Fun Pack. More details will be unveiled on National Day itself. (I’m feeling a bit left out cause mine is the ordinary can)