My Dyson Cyclone V10 cord-free vacuum cleaner stop working recently. There was a blinking red light when I pull the trigger. The same blinking red light also appeared when charging.

So I called the Dyson customer service hotline and they told me that the battery is faulty. That’s a surprise because my V10 is less than 6 months old. Luckily there’s a 2 years warranty.

Personally, I’m quite impressed with the aftercare service by Dyson. They gave me 2 options. Either they send a technician to my house to replace the battery for me or they courier a replacement battery for me to change it myself. (Note: I’m residing in Singapore. Not sure if this is the same arrangement for other countries)

Since the person said that it’s very easy to replace the battery myself, I opt for them to courier the replacement battery.

Although the Dyson V10 doesn’t have a removable battery, replacing the battery is pretty simple. All you need to do is to unscrew 3 screws, replace the battery and screw the 3 screws back. The entire process took me less than 10 minutes. (Inclusive of searching for a suitable screwdriver and taking photos for this blog)

I always find it strange that Dyson didn’t put a removable battery on their V10. But I’m glad that they make replacing the battery so easy. Currently, I don’t see Dyson selling the replacement battery on their website. However, I’m sure they will start selling it in the future when the V10 warranty expires.

Oh, and in case you are interested, the battery part number is 969352-02.

Here’s something to keep your computer desk tidy and free up some space. The Samsung Space Monitor, a minimalist design monitor that let you reclaim your work space.

In a side-by-side comparison on a 47.2 inch x 19.7 inch (120cm x 50cm) desk, the Samsung Space Monitor provides up to 40 percent more usable surface area than a conventional monitor of equivalent size – and makes it that much easier to maintain a clean desk.

When not in use, the monitor could be pushed back to sit flat against a back wall and leave your entire work surface clear. When it’s time for use, the unique arm stand allows the monitor to be easily tilted or extended from the wall.

The Samsung Space Monitor will become available from 25 March 2019. Pre-order is now on. The 27 inch and 32 inch model will retail at S$728 and S$898 respectively.

Microsoft Surface Go with LTE Advanced is now available in Singapore.

Stay connected on the move with LTE Advanced. No more searching for WiFi hotspot or tethering to your smartphone. Weighing just 532g, the 10 inch Surface Go with LTE Advance with Intel Pentium Gold Processor comes with a battery life of up to 8.5 hours.

Starting at S$1,028, the versatile 10-inch Surface is available for purchase via the Microsoft Online Store, authorised commercial resellers including AsiaPac, JK Technology and UIC, as well as authorised retailers including Best Denki, Challenger, Courts, Lazada, LOL by Epicentre, and Harvey Norman.PS: if you are heading over to the IT Show 2019 this weekend, check out the Microsoft Experience Zone at level 3 Suntec City.

PS: If you are heading down to the IT Show 2019 this weekend, check out the Microsoft Experience Zone located at Level 3 Suntec City.

The Samsung Galaxy Note9 is now available in Alpine White colour.

Launched in August 2018, the Galaxy Note9 is also available in Lavender Purple, Ocean Blue, Metallic Copper and Midnight Black.

The new Alpine White edition features a luxurious white hue coated in restrained glass, giving it an elegant and sophisticated feel. With its contemporary finish, the new Galaxy Note9 colour option is the ideal companion for users looking to express their style and personality through their mobile devices. The Galaxy Note9 128GB in Alpine White is now available in Singapore and retails at S$1,398.

The world record for the most retweeted tweet has been broken. If you remember, the previous record holder was held by Carter Wilkerson for asking Wendy’s to give him a year supply of Nuggets.

The new record is held by Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa. He posted a tweet promising to give 1 million yen to 100 people who retweet and follow him. (1 million yen = 12,453.30 SGD) The tweet has currently more than 5.4 million retweets.

Personally, I’m a bit disappointed. It is sad to see the most retweeted tweet title being bought using money. So long as you are rich, you can get that title. Sigh.

There’s no doubt that Yusaku Maezawa will honour his tweet and give out 1 million yet to 100 people. But the problem with this is that we can be sure there will be scammers trying to copy him. It’s not every day that a billionaire give out free money on social media.