BEER: Helping ugly people have sex since 3000 BC

Ever wonder the beauty behind every bottle of beer? How much amazing things this bottle of beer can do. They say beer has been helping ugly people have sex. I think it’s an understatement.

Beer can do more wonders.

DJ at the disco sucks? Drink a few bottle of beer and you will be at the dance floor dancing.
Don’t know how to express your thoughts to the person you been secret admiring? Just a few bottle of beer and you’ll tell her everything inside your heart.
Need courage to punch that bastard who been staring at your gf? Just a few bottle of beer and he’ll end up in the hospital.

You see, beer does wonders. The Austrian even have a beer pool for people to take a dip. They even claim it is able to heal various skin diseases.

Now you understand why you keep seeing those ang moh going to pub everyday after work for a bottle of beer. So what are you waiting for? Grab a bottle of beer now! Cheers!

DK has been drinking 2 bottle of Corona before blogging. Which more or less explains why he post such crappy blog. Oh ya, beer is also a cure for his insomnia. At least he is able to sleep better tonight.

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