The beauty of regret….

There was this chinese movie, starring Sammi Cheng and Arron Kwok (I think). She is a writer and he is a radio DJ. They started off as enemy, but end up as lovers. Can’t remember what is the name of that movie. Anyway, there was this part where he said something about the beauty of regret, Yi Han Mei.

You must be thinking, what beauty is there in regret? Regret is regret. When you missed a chance, you should be feeling sad and depressed. How could regret have beauty in it?

I was near the padang today. Watching the planes fly by for the NE show. Took out my K750i and wanted to take pictures of the plane flying by. I knew that 5 planes will be making the “Fan” formation with smoke trailing behind. They have been doing that every year. This yr is no different. I was at the right position to capture the shot. I waited, they flew towards my direction and break open into the formation, with the “fan” slowly “opening” up…..

I was waiting for the perfect moment for all 5 planes just reach the edge of my screen to take the shot…. i get ready and aim, just when they r near the edge, I took the shot…… but the camera has some lag time….. in the end, the photo only show the smoke, and no planes.

This is regret, Regret taking the shot 1/2sec too slow. Regret being so greedy, wanting to capture a perfect picture. Missed the chance of a lifetime……

But then, it is this regret, that makes u realize how much it actually means to u….. And if given the chance for a 2nd shot, you know you will cherish it, make full use of this chance and not make the same mistake.

This, my friend, is the beauty of regret.

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