Moment of beauty

Mum always like to watch fireworks. I remember her bringing me to watch NDP fireworks year after year. I grew up also enjoy watching fireworks.

I love fireworks because it reminds me that beautiful things don’t last forever. Of cos, beautiful things don’t disappear as fast as fireworks. But they do disappear some day. Fireworks taught me to treasure the beautiful things around you before they disappear.

But of cause, there were people who tried to capture the moment using camera. Yes, you can capture images of the fireworks, but you cannot retain the feeling of watching the fireworks appearing right infront of you. I remember once when I tried to capture the fireworks on camera, taking shot after shot until the fireworks is over. I’ve been so busy trying to take photo until I didn’t really enjoyed the fireworks. Not only that, when I watch the photos I took, the feelings is not there too.

It’s just like real life. We’ve been busy trying to hold on to the things that we love until we forgot to enjoy the moment. Why bother? Beautiful things will disappear one day no matter what you do. Just enjoy the moment of beauty while it is still with you.

I’m not saying that we should just sit there and see the beautiful things in our life pass us by. We should always fight for what we love, but while trying, we should also remember to enjoy the moment….. and yes, I’m re-learning how to enjoy the moment again……


  1. This reminds me of the story about a guy who was chased by some bad people and he had to hid inside a well, hanging on the grass growing on the wall. While hanging there, he saw a beautiful flower or was it a cherry. And he actually took the risk of dropping inside the well by plucking the cherry to eat it and enjoy himself for a while.

    I guess enjoying beauty for the moment is fine but sometimes u have to really be aware that in your moment of enjoyment, you might just land in some hot soup! Example, i once had a friend was ogling at a pretty girl so much that he almost got knocked over by a cab!

    Thats stupidity at its best!

    Nice pictures of the fireworks by the way..

  2. But maybe the bad people will find him in the well? or the grass will break and he will still fall into the well?

    You never know what is going to happen next. Sometimes, its better to die while enjoying the moment rather than die with regrets.

    If it is beautiful, i don’t mind giving up everything just to enjoy it for once in my life.

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