Hanging the Singapore Flag


National Day is coming. Someone wrote to newspaper to say that he is seeing lesser and lesser people hanging the national flag each year. I wonder, why bother?

Does it really matter much if we hang the flag or don’t hang it? Hanging the flag outside your flag means nothing. Someone who hang the flag can also be a spy selling country top secret info to others. Does hanging the flag means anything?

That why I choose to hang the flag elsewhere, inside my heart. I didn’t hang the flag outside my house this year. It serve no purpose. I don’t need to do it to show my patriotism and loyalty to the country. I show my love and loyalty to the country thru other means. I show my loyalty to the country by reporting for my reservist every year. By not chao kenging during ICT. By putting my best effort. I show my patriotism by being willing to be the 1st person at the frontline should anyone want to attack Singapore. I show my love for Singapore by defending it’s interest and reputation. By contributing to Singapore to make it a better place for our children.

Hanging the flag outside your house takes 5 mins. If this simple action is able to show one’s patriotism, then patriotism is worthless.

I choose to hang the flag in my heart. It takes more than 5min. In fact it takes a lifetime to hang a flag in the heart. If someone were to ask me if I hang the flag this year, my reply will be “I’ve been hanging the flag every day, right here inside my heart”

Happy 40th birthday Singapore.

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