Life is like fireworks. Yeap, I did mention the moment of beauty before.
But fireworks is more than just a moment of beauty. It is a constant reminder of many lesson in life.

Went to watch fireworks again today. And once again the foolish me tried to capture the fireworks with my K750i. Okie, I’ve learnt how to take a shot without directly looking at my K750i’s view finder. I’ve re-learnt how to enjoy the moment of beauty again. So I snap and snap non stop. Don’t really expect them to turn out good. Just wanna capture the moment.

Most of the shot were badly taken. (hey, what do you expect from a HP camera?). Only one shot not bad looking. Not really nice actually, but I’ve been sending it to my friends. That the best shot I have today.

It is just like life. You keep searching and searching until u finally find the right person. And when you found it, u’ll treasure it.

I don’t carry much hope in shooting the perfect fireworks picture. But I’m still taking photo when watching fireworks. At least if I were to take the shot, I know there is still a 50-50 chance that 1 of the shot is the perfect picture. At least at the end of the day, I know I’ve tried….. even I fail to take a perfect shot, at least I’ll have no regrets….

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