Comex 2005


Ok, DON’T BOTHER going level 6. Got cheated by the stupid banner, asking us to go level 6. Level 6 is a food fair. Not PC show. The most advance gadget they have there is perhaps the espresso machine. And they not selling the espresso machine too. They are selling coffee. At least if they do sell the espresso machine, I will still be interested.

Anyway, don’t go level 6 unless you are hungry.

Comex in Singapore is boring. We don’t get big companies launching new products during the show unlike those they do in USA. It’s more like a big market place selling gadget instead of a PC Show. Even home grown Creative don’t launch their new product in our local PC show. What do you expect?

Sometimes, I do daydream myself being the CEO of some big IT company that make gadgets. And I dream myself launching the new product in these PC show in Singapore first before showcasing to the rest of the world. And people all over the world will flock to Singapore’s PC show just to be the 1st person to see it.

Yes, Singapore is a small market. Why bother having a product launch here? But don’t forget, you grow up in Singapore, your company started in Singapore. This is your roots. If you don’t launch new product here, then who will?

Besides, with internet and newspaper, the rest of the world will get to know about your new product within a few days. So why not launch them at the country where your company started?

Sim, you reading this?

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