How to fight?


Seriously, was there a war in the 1st place? Apple fire another shot by releasing iPod Nano. Colour screen, light, thin and comes in black and white.

Well, creative, whom declared war with Apple some time back also have a MP3 player with the name Nano. Zen Nano Plus. Seriously…. cannot fight. What war? Creative never fired any shot at Apple. We only see them following the footsteps of Apple.

Soon we will see Creative and other iPod wanna be companies releasing thin MP3 players too. Wait, creative used to have a slim MP3 player call Muvo Slim. But also no fight lah.

You see, everyone is not interested about features of your MP3 player. They want style. Look at how iPod shuffle, a simple MP3 player with no screen at all manage to sell like hotcakes. Look at all the iPod series, do they have radio or voice recorder features? Nope.

People go for style.

The rest of the wannabe still don’t get it.


  1. Marketing is useless without good product.

    Apple understands that everyone want to be seen with a stylish MP3 player. That why is manage to go this far.

    Look at iPod Nano. Not much marketing is required. Just show the product and it’s aleady selling like hotcakes in some online store before the stock arrives.

  2. i think partly its because of the past marketing efforst that no marketing is required for the nano to sell like hotcakes, no? because they have done all the leg work when the first ipod was developed.. i guess they are riding on that marketing wave…

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