Another murder

Another high profile murder case in Singapore. Another dismembered body found. But what is shocking this time is, the head was found at Orchard Road, near the MRT station. Which crazy murderer would dump part of the victim in orchard road?

These people are sick. You already murdered the person, why can’t you let her have a full body at the funeral? Why did you bother to chop her up into so many pieces and dump them all over the place? And even if you want to dump the body, of all places you got to choose Orchard Road. Crazy. I know there is a say “The most dangerous place is the safest place”. But this is not the case. You might as well dump the body behind the istana guard house!!

See lah, ganna arrested within 12 hours. Serve you right.

Sometimes, I really wonder what is in the mind of these murderer. Why can’t they think of a proper place to dump the body? Look at that Ah Hao in Huang Na’s case. He is at least smarter. He place the body in a box and threw it into the forested area in Telok Bangala Hill. At least it is much harder to find. It even took the police few hours to search for it after he told them where he threw the body. But too bad, he made a few mistakes when being investigated by the police. Else maybe the case would had still remained unsolved.

Then there is another case few month back where dismembered body were found along Kallang River. STUPID. Never ever throw the body into river. Confirm 100% wash back to shore. If you want to throw into water, go rent a boat, drive to the open sea and dump it there. Dump river sure wash back to shore 1.

Stupid fellow, don’t even know where to dump a body. Singapore got so many nature reserves with thick forest. Just throw in the middle of the forest lah. Make sure it is deep in and no boy scout or NSF will pass thru that area. If possible, dig a hole and bury it. Or since you all like to cut the body, then cut it into small pieces and throw into the rubbish chutes lah. Best is for those new HDB flats where the whole block share 1 central chute. Make sure it’s properly wrapped up in plastic bag.

Don’t be a fool throw the body into Kallang River or in middle of Orchard road lah. You might as well put the body at the front door of Police Cantonment Complex.

Will I get into trouble if someone follows my suggestions on how to dump a body?

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